2 line rangoli designs for Diwali

 How to draw 2 line rangoli 
Pick two pinches of while kola podi with index finger and middle finger , push both with the thumb such that the powder falls between the middle finger and index finger ( first line ) and outside the index finger ( second line ).
The lines should be discrete and should not smudge as can be seen from the images .
Simple rangoli designs without dots for Dhanteras too.  The rangolis are simple but the technique of drawing parallel lines comes with practice.  What better occasion that the festival of lights to try something special 
Green glass and gold bangles combination worn by me has become popular on social media , it appears.
" I like your karakamalam with green and gold bangles "
Rarely, when I changed the glass bangles with those of a different colour "This is not Sudha Ma'am's hand ?"  
It is our family tradition to wear green glass bangles.  On rare occasions I used to change them with red glass bangles but after the affection showered on me for my trademark bangles , I wear only green ones.

Special rangoli without chukki for Dasara festival .  I have shared only the white kolam  add kaavi or colours

It is easy to add colours. For this type too many or too much colour may obscure the main white rangoli . So minimum rangoli colours is the requirement. 

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