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Kolam tips Tamil | Simple kolam tips 
The video below is from my YouTube Channel Rangolisansdots.  Some of the tricks and tips I follow for my Deepavali and Pongal kolam are given .  The subtitles are in English 
The link for the video is 👉 tips for beautiful kolam in Tamil  
    What is the information available in the video
How to prepare kola podi for getting fine lines
For three parts kola podi mix one part rice flour.  Sieve the kola maavu first .  Mix both well you will get very nice lines.
How to place dots
The quantity of kola podi taken should be minimum to get perfect dots.  If you take more podi
the dots lose shape.
For a 7 to 4 dot grid place the centre row of dots first and then the pulli above and below to ensure uniformity.  If you start from the top the dot grid may not be straight . This is more evident when  bigger the dot patterns are used.
How to draw thin lines in kolam
Take as little kola podi as possible only then  thin lines are easy to draw.
How to draw curved lines in rangoli
The wrist should be supple and relaxed .  Then it is easy to draw curved lines.  If we draw them as small line segments they will be of different lengths and joints will be visible.  To correct these we may have to draw once  again above.  This will make the line thicker and again joints may be visible at other places
How to draw erattai ezhai or double line
Take two pinches of kolam powder on the index finger and middle finger,  push with the thumb simultaneously moving the arm ,  one line falls between the index finger and middle finger and the other line falls outside the index finger.
  The next video in this series is in Tamil with English subtitles.  To activate the English subtitles activate the white  rectangle at the bottom right of the video.  The link for the video is 👉 here 
Tricks and techniques on the following are there in the video
1.  How to hold and release rangoli powder
     This is the basic question raised by many viewers.  The rangoli powder is picked with the index finger and thumb and the thumb pushes the powder to draw the line.  Control of the thumb is essential to draw lines, thin lines and to draw them with ease in various directions ,  top to bottom, bottom to top , right to left and left to right in a single stretch.  Lots of demonstrations are there
2.  How to draw some patterns
      I have used the spiral pattern.  Drawing a spiral design in a single stretch makes it beautiful instead of drawing in many steps.  As said earlier when we draw in bits ,  the thickness of lines vary and joints are visible.
3.  Tricks to fill colours in kolam
     When we fill colours we will sprinkle some on the white design and consequently it becomes dull.  The trick to draw the design again with white rangoli to make it bright .  Similarly when we fill two different colours - for example when we fill pink and  then  green in adjacent petals ,  the green may spill into the pink .  What we have to do is to fill the pink area smudged with green again with pink and draw the border of pink and green with white .  This will rectify all the defects.
4. To use or not to use a chalk piece !
When we draw the designs using a chalk piece and then use kola podi on it we cannot draw continuously because consciously we will be  following the pattern drawn with a piece of chalk.
Again the lines will be  of different thickness and with joints.  To hide this we may have draw again resulting in thick lines.

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