Rangoli kolam designs with dots - images for steps

Rangoli kolam designs with dots for Pongal , Diwali 

The images are in a random order,  not in the ascending or descending order of the size of the dot grid.  This is a13 to 7 dot flower or poo kolam the shading effect makes the kolam very beautiful.  

If we  do not have colours we can try this shading method 

This blog post is an assortment of dotted rangoli kolam of various dot patterns and will be useful for any occasion for which we may need them. 


The two images below show the steps that lead to the creation of this rangoli .


This kolam uses a 7 by 7 square dot grid.  The design is also formed with squares with some free hand decorations.  See the pictures to know the steps



As a daily kolam design.  7 dots are very popular for our vasal kolams

This is an 8 by 8 dot birds kolam ( paravai kolams in Tamil ).  The technique is drawing the tail and the body in smooth movements connecting the dots with curved lines.  Many viewers have asked me how to draw curved lines easily.  The secret is that your hand should be relaxed ,  thinking too much about the shape of the line will make our hand stiff.  Just draw in a relaxed manner.  As they say drawing kolam is like meditation .  I have shown three pictures for the steps to give a clear picture of how the kolam progresses in the tail portion.



11 pulli rangoli kolangal
The dot pattern is 11 to 1 and is simple and easy to .  Free hand decorations to make it a fusion kolam




Next is 15 to 8 dot design.  It is a very simple idea for a medium sized dot grid.  Only flowers and lamps.  So it can be drawn for Deepavali or Thiru Karthigai.




The next is this blog post on rangoli kolangal is a 5 dots simple and easy kolam for our vasal
As usual the step by step photos give us a better idea .  Even such very small kolams can be tricky at one or two places and we may get stuck .  It is a good idea to practice the design on a notebook with a pencil so that we are able to draw fluently in the first attempt in the morning because we have lots of work to do right from dawn , throughout the day !



This is the tricky part ,  the position of the hand shows the pattern drawn connecting the base of the bigger and smaller flower in an other very easy rangoli


This is a 7 by 4 dot rangoli .  Also called the fusion rangoli  it is a combination of sikku kolam like designs and free hand patterns around. Using such simple patterns  we can create cute rangoli designs for our daily use.

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