Simple Pongal panai kolam 2019

Pongal panai kolam with dots step by step images 


The dot grid used is 11 by 6

Draw lotuses all around as shown in the images below


Connect the lotus with petals or leaves

Convert the remaining dots at the top into petals


Now it appears like a crown of flowers when viewed from the top !

Using the dots at the centre, draw a Pongal pot


On the two sides draw two sugar canes


There is one dot at the bottom of the Pot between the sugar canes convert it into a small kolam


Add colours to the rangoli

The harvest festival Pongal is when in the villages ,  sweet Pongal is made with freshly harvested rice, jaggery .  It is celebrated with great pomp and splendour.  A new Pot is purchased painted with designs .  Sweet Pongal is prepared and offered to the Sun God as a mark of respect and gratitude for helping the farmers in agriculture.  Two fully grown sugar cane are also offered.  Kolam  are drawn in the area and at the entrance of the house also with generous use of colours.  When the sweet Pongal starts to overflow everyone around shouts "Pongalo Pongal".  There is joy and happiness all around.

This is a simple Ponga panai kolam as it is called 

It can be drawn or we can use a dot pattern to draw the panai . The dot pattern is 5,3,5,5,3

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