How to make easy sweet appam recipe

Quick and easy sweet appam
  • This appam is prepared for Krishna Janmashtami as an offering or neivedyam to Lord Krishna in our family circles.. Usually prepared with jaggery,  I have done with sugar to make it easy to justify the title !
  • We need, one cup boiled milk, one cup sugar , one cup maida and cardamom seeds or elakkai powder .
  • Mix all the three , sugar, maida in milk.  Wait for around 10 minutes so that the sugar is completely dissolved in  milk.
  • Add cardamom powder ,  the image below shows what is correct viscosity of the batter to get perfect appams.
  • Heat the stove > When oil is hot turn the knob on the stove to sim position
  • the batter is poured in hot oil using a ladle or spoon.  
  • When  the appam becomes brown turn to the other side .  This ensures that it gets cooked evenly and completely.
  • One important point to be noted is that we should  fry the appam one by one otherwise they will stick together in the oil
  • This  can also be a easy evening snack when guests arrive suddenly.
  • Children will also love it because it is soft and sweet. 
  • The only problem we may encounter is that there may be uncooked batter in the appam if we do not fry completely..
  • This is a  sweet so no particular side dish is required
  • We prepare it on Sri Jayanthi
  • Mixing of ingredients should be  thorough to avoid presence of solid particles in the batter

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The traditional method is to use wheat and  jaggery instead of  maida and sugar.  Substituting the former two with the  latter two is what makes this jaggery easy to make so that even beginners can prepare easily.

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