18 dots kolam 18 dots rangoli with images

Grand and special rangoli designs for Sankranti | Navratri | Varalakshmi Vratham 2019 

An very old and traditional kolam .  We need not get intimidated by the dot pattern i.e 18 pulli It is actually a very simple  kolam with only lines outside the dot grid.  

The many pictures below show help us learn this kolam 

Also called the kalyana medai in Tamil ,  Pelli arugu in Telugu  since it represents the wedding stage ,  it can be used for wedding stage decorations the traditional way . 

 We can draw with paint so that it is there permanently.

Also a grand kolam for festivals like Pongal and Diwali.


The dot pattern is 18 dots 2 rows and then 16 to 2

Draw two parallel lines on either side of the central two columns of dots


Similarly ,  draw two lines on either side of the central  two rows of dots ,  horizontally also.


The next step ,  leave two columns and draw on either side , vertically

Connect to form a box

Leave two rows on either side and draw parallel lines and connect


Next leave two more rows of dots and draw lines , horizontally and vertically

Draw patterns inside as shown


Connect the patterns on all sides with straight lines


The dots in the outermost places are used as shown.

If you are looking for chukki rangoli big size or pedda chukkala muggulu this kolam may be the one that will answer your question to Google :)

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