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Diwali recipes and snacks - aval mixture or poha mixture |  Chivda 

Actually a simple recipe for Deepavali savoury or as a simple evening snack when we have guests.  It is liked by kids and  adults alike.  It has one more  strange use in our family.  It is a side dish for sambar rice or rasam rice.  
Also called chivda or chivda namkeen recipe in Hindi and Marathi.  This I learnt from one of my sisters and she lives in Mumbai.  .


Poha, peanuts, fried gram dhal, desiccated coconut in pieces, curry leaves, oil. mustard, green chilles, asafoetida, turmeric powder 
  • Let us take  thin flattened rice or poha also called Aval in Tamil  in a big cup as shown
  • For this big cup we need one cup each of peanuts, fried gram dhal and dry coconut pieces., some cashews and curry leaves.
  • For species we should add mustard, turmeric powder and hing.
  • Place a vessel on a stove and dry roast the poha till it becomes crisp
  • Add three spoons of oil and fry peanuts. The knob of stove is in sim position
  •  fry the cashews and desiccated coconut pieces in oil
  • Fry the fried gram dhal by adding  it to oil .  Remove it immediately to avoid overcooking.
  • We have to fry green mirch  till they turn white in colour
  • Next to  little oil, add mustard when it splutters add finely chopped green chillies .  These chilles also should become white in colour..
  • Sprinkle  asafoetida after all the ingredients are fried.
  • Finally add the poha or flattened  rice.  Turmeric powder is added now .  This is also to ensure that  turmeric powder is not over cooked.
  • Add salt as per requirement. I add  quarter teaspoon of sugar.
  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly

Step by step pictures 


Mustard , turmeric and hing 


peanuts , dried coconut pieces etc


heat the oil and fry the peanuts 


cashews and dried coconut pieces 




fried gram dhal , remove immediately to avoid overcooking



Poha for evening snacks or Deepavali bakshanam is ready 


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