Most difficult rangoli designs steps thru images

Decoration idea for festivals like  Ugadi , Varamahalakshmi Habba 

Drawing double line kolam where the lines are distinctly visible comes with practice.  Drawing two lines of different colours simultaneously without the colours overlapping and smudging needs lots of concentration and confidence and these come with practice.  So I have placed this kolam in the category of a difficult kolam .  These challenging kolam can be drawn  before the golu for Navrathri .


The first two pictures show how the colours are picked


How to hold the colour in the index and middle finger

Draw the triangle.  Draw with confidence then we will get it perfectly.


Star is drawn with two inverted triangles.

Draw the side lines



Connect the longer lines






This star kolam also is a difficult design though small we need loads of concentration .  No wonder some say that drawing kolams is like meditation.  After drawing the star and the six lines near the six edges connecting the lines with more  lines as shown in the steps is tricky and we are likely to miss occasionally.  So this design drawn with double line , double colour may be categorised as a very difficult kolam design. 

Many viewers on YouTube and Facebook ask me the secret of perfection.  The answer is simple.  It is just practice I remember a world renowned sitar vidwan telling us that if he did  not practice for one day he  was aware of it , if he did not practice for a few days the accompanists became aware of it,  he concluded by saying that if he did not practice for a few weeks the audience would know it !