Rangoli on water surface step by step

 Navarathri , Diwali decorations at home 

The rangoli below uses a technique through which we draw double lines with different colours. Rangoli making on water is uncommon technique. 

 I have made difficult by drawing 2 lines kolam with two colours.  

One of the best rangoli designs if you are looking for difficult methods .  I have explained how to pick rangoli powder for this technique , in case you want to learn. 

If left undisturbed the rangoli stays for a week.  We can use to decorate our homes for Navarathri golu, as a Diwali special rangoli , light lamps around it. 


Pour water on a clean plate.  Choose the plate size according to the size of the rangoli you need to make.

Use a sieve and add rice flour .  Rice flour ensures that the rangoli stays above water.and it also gives an opaque background so that the design in visible.


The sieve helps us to remove solid particles ( which otherwise we may have to break gently with a pin )

It also helps to spread the rice flour on water evenly.


Draw the rangoli gently on water , it should be similar to how an insect skims on the surface of water. 


One of the most traditional water rangoli ideas 


Drawing small dots on rangoli comes with practice.

Small white dots make the rangoli more beautiful.

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