Easy rangoli hacks for Diwali festival

I usually share traditional rangoli on social media.

There were several requests for rangoli tips for beginners including easiest methods of drawing for festivals like Dhanteras, Bhaj Dhuj, Lakshmi Pooja and of course Dipavali.

 I started sharing designs with tools available at home  bangles, old CDs, spoons.  etc.  The advantage is we get the simplest rangoli in the shortest possible time. 

They are also perfectly symmetrical.  Later many on social media started trying their own versions.  

After trying these simple rangoli hacks , please also read the post on a complicated rangoli technique that is rare 

Quick Diwali rangoli hacks 
How to make easy rangoli for Diwali - next step 
Rangoli tricks for Diwali - next image 
Two rangoli designs above and below showing the step by step procedure to create these simple rangoli design that can be made use of for Diwali festival decoration at home. Idea for another quick rangoli design.
Place the cups in a pattern, fill rangoli colours with thick lines around and gently push the paper cups and remove them.
Quick and easy rangoli for Diwali is ready !
The first rangoli makes use of now what is the ubiquitous paper cup .  When viewers on Facebook Page and YouTube requested me for easy methods to create rangoli designs since they were not comfortable with the traditional finger technique that we use in kolam.  I put myself in their shoes and thus these methods were born.  One rangoli video made using paper cups went so viral on my Facebook Page it reached nearly 15 million views !
The next design rangoli makes use of CD and bangles.  The photos below should be self explanatory. 
The arrangement of the tools and patterns drawn are our choice.
Easy quick rangoli - next photo
One of the simple rangoli ideas on this website is ready for display
Small is beautiful , as they say ,  we can convey the message of beauty of rangoli through such small n simple designs also .  We need not get intimidated by big rangolis that are also drawn during festivals.  
The next rangoli design using just a bangle, bullets ( thick dots ) and pencil 
Diwali-rangoli-designs -using-hacks-1ab.png
Another view of the easy small rangoli for Diwali
Diwali-rangoli-designs -using-hacks-1ac.png
It is ready one of the small rangoli ideas 
Diwali-rangoli-designs -using-hacks-1ai.png
One more rangoli using simple rangoli hacks.A simple circular  colourful rangoli for Dipavali festival
Draw a perfect circle using a tool and form patterns with caps
Step by step easy rangoli for beginners - one more pic
Place bullets and form flower designs with cotton bud. Using a tooth pick or cotton bud form patterns at centre also
Simple rangoli hacks for Diwali and New Year 
This is a fusion of a traditional rangoli , only the circle is drawn with a tool.  The spirals and other patterns are drawn free hand. The trick in drawing the spiral is that it should be drawn in a single stroke to get a beautiful and uniform pattern.  If we draw in two or three steps it will be non-uniform with joints.  
Small round rangoli design for festival - try it 
Flower designs with rangoli colours and cotton bud or tooth pick
Another design with rangoli tools at home.
Mark the dot grid you would like the rangoli design to be with.  Place more colours called bullets.  Using tooth pick , cotton bud or match stick form floral patterns.  Complete the rangoli as per your imagination. 
Very easy rangoli hack with bangles for Deepavali
We can create really awesome rangoli using simple hacks with bangles and cotton bud / pencil .  See the pictures to follow this easy trick.
The steps for this square rangoli design , with extensions 
If you are looking for quick rangoli designs for Diwali, easy and fast rangoli you may try one of the ideas shared here.

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