Easy rangoli with dots for Diwali thru images

This very simple rangoli reminds us of a game we used to play during summer holidays .

One person draws a line connecting two dots ,  the other person does the same anywhere on the dot grid.  It continues till all the lines are converted into boxes .

Whoever completed one box wrote his name or initial inside .  After completing the game we used to count to find out who had more boxes and that person won.  

We used to repeat this game in a notebook endlessly.  Those were the days without mobile phones.  

We had our old notebooks called "rough note books " or the incomplete note books that were used for this game.  Using a pen or pencil we used to spend afternoons playing this indoor games till the evening. 


The dot pattern is 16 dots 2 rows then 14 to 2 on either side.

The design is created with only straight lines connecting the dots
The outermost dots are connected with step like formation


The next layer of dots are connected
The centre simple pattern is as shown


Connect the central pattern to the outer step like design with squares
That leaves 4 dots in 4 places.  This we can connect with any pattern according to our imagination.  I have converted them into spirals with dots decorating the periphery.


The next image shows how shading technique is done. To save time I have only shaded portions of the rangoli
More colours to enhance the beauty


If you are looking for 15 chukki rangoli or 15 chukkala muggulu with colours , this simple rangoli may be the one you are looking for. 

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