Side kolam designs step by step images

Simple kite rangoli designs for Sankranti | Side designs for Diwali rangoli 
These are simple border designs drawn on either side of a kolam rangoli.  We can draw them independently also as separate rangolis. 

Since they represent simple kite patterns we can draw them for that theme also.

These borders can be used to decorate our colourful Diwali rangoli or Varalakshmi Vratham mantap.
I have stopped at the white rangoli pattern.  We can  add colours or we can draw the whole design in colours. 

The pictures show  step by step images. The only tricks in drawing this rangoli is the straight parallel lines and connecting curved lines should be perfect.  Drawing curved lines should be done in a single  stroke so that we get a smooth finish. 

If we use many small line segments the thickness will vary and the joints are also visible. 


The long curved line being drawn in a single stroke.


The next curved line, long one being drawn in a single stroke.


We may have to adjust the length of the lines to ensure that the straight  lines to be connected are of equal length.  Otherwise we will not get the correct shape of the design.


The outer curved lines , smaller in length and hence relatively easy to draw.


Drawing the outermost pattern as shown by the position of the hand should also be done, neatly.


After this,  adding more designs to decorate further is left to our  creativity and imagination
The design is beautiful after completion.  It may be considered to represent a traditional kite also.

The same rangoli drawn with parallel lines.  Again the curved lines should in a single stroke to ensure continuity and smooth finish.  The picture below shows the position of the hand after completing the curved line in a single stretch.


The next long curved line.

Here also adjust the length of the lines so that the  top and bottom horizontal lines are almost of equal length .  This is necessary to obtain  proper shape of the design.


Using the two line kolam technique


The kolam after completion.
If you are looking for without chukki rangoli border or border rangoli designs for home , please try these two techniques. 

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