Sankranti pot muggulu Pongal pot rangoli

 Drawing the Pongal panai images for festival decoration

This theme is ubiquitous during Pongal festival. 

 The Pongal pot, sugarcane and sun represent the day after Bhogi i.e Pongal or Makara Sankranthi.  

The Sun travels to Uttarayana which heralds the advent of the spring season. Sugarcane is harvested during this season. 

Sweet Pongal is prepared in a new pot decorated with designs. 

 Four or even five rangoli designs may adorn the entrance of the house.

There is also a tradition of wearing new clothes.  This festival is similar to Diwali in the joy, celebrations involved except crackers.

I have shared lots of  Sankranti pot rangoli with dots in Rangolisansdots.  

There were requests for making drawing of the Pot design easy because drawing near perfect curved lines requires a lot of practice. 

The interest is rangoli is increasing and there are many who want to learn and try this art daily and for various festivals. 

I understand that there is an increasing interest among kids too.  So I hope that this simple Sankranti pot rangoli idea will be useful for festival decoration and for competitions as well.

Pongal panai rangoli | Innovative idea to draw easy free hand design with bangles , CD
The images below show the steps in making this rangoli.  The picture below shows the completed rangoli after all the decorations.
Draw a square to start with, for this small Pongal Pot kolam
The next two photos show how an old CD and two bangles are used to get the pot or panai design. Place the CD just away from a side of the square so that there is space to draw a line between the CD and the square , touching the side of the square.  
Place the bangles on either side of the CD so that we get the neck of the pot as close to perfection as possible.  After drawing the line between the bangles and between the CD and the side of the square remove the CD.  The next image also should give an idea. 
 Gently remove the bangles and CD and wipe off excess rangoli powder.  Repeat this on all four sides to get four pots or kundala 
These types of kundala muggulu for Bhogi or Sankranthi can be tried in countries where it is not possible to draw kolam at the entrance.  
Now that we have got the basic shape of the pot right,  draw patterns as shown in the next pic to represent sweet Pongal overflowing from the rim.
Decorate the pot with free hand patterns according to your imagination.
Small is beautiful as they say.  This simple and cute idea is one of the simplest kundala muggulu for Sankranti. Next inside the square patterns and designs are drawn.
The Sun occupies the centre of the rangoli just as it occupies the prime position in our daily life !
The next step is to add colours inside.  Since the patterns are intricate add the colours carefully without overlap or smudging.
Pongal creative rangoli is getting ready
Place a pair of ice cream sticks on all four sides between two pots.  Draw straight lines on either side of the sticks to form the basic sugar cane design.
Fill with different shades of purple .  Green dots represent the leaves of the sugar cane.
Sankranthi rangavalli 
A traditional pot design with 9 by square dot rangoli that can be part of our Sankranti rangavalli decoration is shown below.  With this grid we get four Pongal pots decorated using the dots that remain.


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