Foam sheet craft rangoli art for summer camps ideas

  Art and craft ideas with  CDs , rangoli 
This is a quite an idea and a beautiful one for art and craft ideas combined.  Clean a few waste Cds.  Using honey and cotton bud , draw rangoli patterns on the CDs.  Sprinkle semolina , tap the Cds gently to remove the excess semolina, what is left behind is the rangoli design.  Stick kundan stones or artificial stones.  Light diyas or lamps to decorate.  It is beautiful to look at isn't it with the lamps.

Foam sheet is an easy craft option to create and make rangoli for Diwali.  They are available in many colours.  Three is also the glitter foam sheet that has been used in this craft project for making Diwali rangolis.
Material required
a) Glitter foam sheet
b) Template
c) kundan stones
d) Haf pearls
f) glue ( that becomes transparent after drying )
g) A pair of scissors      First a template is made ready with cardboard or the shape can be drawn directly on the foam sheet using a pencil..  Using a pair of scissors the shapes of the rangoli element are cut. Then using glue kundan stones and half pearls are stuck to get a pattern on the rangoli central designs and outer designs.   The pictures below demonstrate the steps.



Rearrangeable kundan rangoli designs for Diwali

Since  in the craft project steps shown above the elements are formed separately it is possible to arrange or re-arrange them to get different shapes of kundan rangoli designs.






 Floating rangoli or rangoli on water for Diwali

Foam sheet is lighter than water it easy to make it float on water.  Only problem we may face is arranging all the elements of the rangoli on water because they tend to move away!   After placing the vessel filled with water we have to wait for the water to become still to place the rangoli.  



Toran making ideas for Diwali and Navratri | Foam sheet craft for home

Apart from summer craft ideas Navratri and Diwali are two festivals for which we try various types of decorative ideas.  This toran can be one such idea.
The material needed is foam sheet, ball chain, kundan stones, mirror, scissors, glue , a bangle and OHP sheet.
Using the bangle mark a circle on the foam sheet, cut out the circle with a pair of scissors.  Using the glue stick kundan stones, ball chain and mirror to form a pattern as shown in the pictures below. Make as many as required and stick them on two OHP sheets that are stuck together with glue.  Remove the excess OHP sheet with scissors to get a perfect toran.  
We need two OHP sheets to accommodate the length of the toran to match the doorway width.
Stick two colourful threads on either side of the toran and decorate the doorway .  It can also be used for decoration of Puja mandap of Varalakshmi Vratham Pooja.




A toran already made and ready for use.  

Rangoli on water a special rangoli design                     


The next rangoli design is a rangoli on water. It can be drawn quite easily.  The rangoli powder alone will not stay on water as it disintegrates.  So rice flour is sprinkled on water so that it forms a thin layer.  The rangoli is drawn on the layer of rice flour.  Some use French Chalk powder instead of rice flour.An important rangoli art using rangoli craft ! It can be used as a decoration idea for festivals or as a craft idea for school projects
How to draw a peacock rangoli like designs| easy steps with bangles , cotton buds

The following images show the steps how to draw a simple peacock like pattern in rangoli.  Place small bangles for the head and neck and around them place bigger bangles for the plumage.  Fill with colours or white all the bangles. Then carefully remove the bangles.  This is the difficult part because the bangles can affect the circles made with rangoli if not removed carefully.  Otherwise all other stps are quite easy. Then make the famous peacock feathers with cotton buds.  Add more colours and decorations as your imagination takes you.  The easy and simple peacock rangoli is ready .  Ideal for simple project ideas.




Butterfly , flower rangoli designs
Using bangles and cotton buds and rangoli colours we can get a simple flower rangoli and a butterfly design.  The pictures below tell us how.



How to make a rangoli design | easy | step by step
We all have a fascination for drawing a circular design , While we can draw a number of concentric circles with a thread and chalk technique or with any other aid, it is a challenge to draw them without any aid.  This dot rangoli technique may be useful to draw a number of concentric circles in rangoli ( of course the circles will be as circular as possible when we draw them with our hands using rangoli powder in our fingers ).  This may be a good technique for learning and also an interesting activity for school kids .

Place a dot at the centre and place eight dots on eight sides.

Extend the arms on all sides with five dots .  We can have more or less dots depending upon the number of circles we require
We can have more arms also and this will make the circles closer to perfection

 Connect the  dots to form concentric circles

 The template is ready

Now we can fill the colours


Place dots along the circumference of the circles to make it more beautiful.


Rangoli after completion

Rangoli on floor is also a good idea to learn art and craft during summer.  Rangoli can be practiced with white rangoli and colours can be filled or directly we can place the dots with white rangoli and draw the lines with colours.  The images  below give the steps to draw a simple 7 by 7 rangoli with some  diya patterns.  This rangoli I drew in a video for my YouTube Channel - Rangolisansdots.
The dot grids 7 by 7 , 7 by 1 , 6 by 6 and 5 and 9 dot grids are commonly used.  We can also have some rangoli without dots for these ideas.
Felicity to use the fingers to draw straight and curved lines with rangoli powder comes with practice or from watching others practice.  Even watching rangoli videos should suffice.  No special classes are necessary.  We all grew up learning from our mother watching her draw rangoli.  The advantage is that it s quite a common art and is drawn daily in many parts of India.
If we are not comfortable using rangoli powder to draw the designs we can draw them in a note book with pencil or sketch pen also for our school projects.

7 chukki rangoli | deepada rangoli design


  Some of these craft ideas can also be tried for Christmas decoration or New Year decoration of our homes 

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