Pongal rangoli kolam images sans dots

Small and cute rangoli gallery for Pongal kolam or Sankranti rangoli 
In apartment complexes there is the concept of drawing a main kolam or collection of kolams big and small at the entrance or in some main place in the complex by many ladies , some of these kolam may give ideas for them.  
Pongal is all about big rangoli or kolam with dots.  However , there is a tradition of drawing more than one kolam to celebrate this festival .  We have a big kolam and on either side we have some smaller kolam too.  Of course this may not be possible in many homes in cities given the fact that flats are more than individual houses
Actually this is a very beautiful idea, many ladies and girls joining to create a collection of colourful and beautiful designs for festivals like Pongal ( or Sankranti ) or Diwali .
The first rangoli above uses the basic star pattern around which we have more layers of stars.  Finally some free hand decorations between the arms.  Colours yellow and green give a beautiful effect for an otherwise simple rangoli.  The next rangoli below uses the lotus patterns for the rangoli .  Drawn free hand at the entance  ( it can also be drawn with dots ).  Then some common motifs are added to make it more attractive.  The kolam above is a small bird design for the harvest festival.  The decorations inside are according to our imagination.  Use the paisley design for the bird.  Actually the pailey is drawn first and then the bird pattern is developed from there.  The kolam below is a traditional kolam that can be drawn free hand or with dots. The kavi line drawn along the contours make it very beautiful.
While big kolam are  usually sought after for Pongal  or Sankranti we can also draw small and simple kolam if we have space constraints and that is the problem in most cities today. 
The next two kolam also taken from the gallery of rangoli images taken from the entrance of my home.  The star shaped rangoli above , with stars all around is another rangoli that can be drawn with dots and sans dots  I have drawn it without dots.  The rangoli below is classical free hand pattern developed from the basic floral petal design that is drawn at the centre.  The petals are connected with two layers of lines.  The inside is filled with colours and patterns , making it simple and easy kolam for the festival season
The basic rhombus pattern is developed into a simple and cute rangoli with free hand motifs around.  The four lotus designs on the four sides are connected with floral petals to complete the rangoli.
In continuation with the geometric shape as the basic central design, the next rangoli kolam is using a triangle .  Develop the flower petals from the sides of the triangle, two petals on each side resulting in six petals. 
 Connect the edges with curved lines and with a few more motifs the rangoli for our festival decoration of the entrance is ready.  Add a few colours , in fact a few colourful lines .  An easy rangoli for one of the Pongal rangoli designs is ready to be shown off.
The next festival decoration idea with simple free hand kolam is in the image below.  I have used some paisley patterns around the central floral design.  This simple kolam can be drawn in a few minutes. 
 This collection may be useful for the smaller kolam we draw in the Puja room or inside the house apart from the main kolam at the entrance.   
The next rangoli is a special rangoli drawn with double lines though they are some what uncommon , there are a lot of designs in Rangolisansdots , because some how I draw them quite often , however I share only a few of them in  my blog or on my YouTube Channel , because I find that many of my subscribers and viewers are not comfortable with this type of design.  I have shared many videos showing how the double lines are drawn.  I hope that these viewers find them useful.

Two more free hand rangoli designs drawn during Margazhi month or Dhanur masam that are popular for kolam and muggulu respectively !.  During the course of this post ,  Margazhi is half way through with New Year celebrations over and it is the first week of January.   Pongal or Sankranthi is only a few days away.  
She learned just by watching me draw these type of kolam for my YouTube videos of Rangolisansdots.  We all learnt from our mother , our elder sisters by watching and observing only.  So  I am not sure how helpful rangoli classes will be when we have so many videos for rangoli .  There are hundreds of videos in Rangolisansdots.  However, there are many requests for rangoli classes through the comments section.
These simple rangoli designs that are actually very simple unlike the previous one with double that needs some practice.  On second thoughts,  I think double line rangoli are not difficult because,  I see that my daughter has picked it up quite well and is some what comfortable also .  
The next few images show steps for a free hand kolam
Images showing an intermediate step and white kolam

The picture shows an easy rangoli for the festival and beautiful too 
If you are looking for without chukki rangoli designs for Sankranthi or if you want pulli illatha kolam for Bhogi , Kanum Pongal etc this is a big collection.  I think you may be interested to try some of them. 

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