Simple poo kolam with dots

The theme followed in this post is flower based kolam or pookolam with dot patterns.  This collection of chukki rangoli designs with floral patterns can be used for our daily kolam 

poo kolam with 11 dots

The kolam for the Navaratri  Dasara season is of 11 to 6 idukku pulli ( dots in between) pattern.  This is called parijatham (a flower ) type kolam.  Obviously, this is not the poo kolam drawn  with flowers.  I have named it so because I have drawn  a few petals at the end of each arm. Though Rangoli-sans-dots means rangoli without dots no collection of rangolis is complete without rangoli with dots aka pulli kolam in Tamil.  Hence I shall have to post some designs with dots in future.  So far as this design is concerned it is a common rangoli with dots. Only I tried to make it appear different by filling up with grey colour inside the pattern and filling different colours of the petals.  Usually we find it drawn plain without colours. The plain kolam in two steps in the images above. This common kolam is used as a daily kolam or as a simple kolam at the beginning of the Margazhi kolam season.
Poo kolam /flower patterns kolam with 9 dots for Pongal
Poo kolam usually refers to the rangoli designs formed with flowers for Onam .  However there is another interpretation too.  It also refers to kolam with floral designs as theme.  

The kolam above is a common kolam with 9 to 5 dots pattern ( idukku pulli ).  The kolam is usually stopped after drawing only the six petals in each flower.  The beauty of the kolam is that edges of the petals touch each other.  I have added some more decorations inside the petals to make it more attractive.  I drew it on a Friday at the entrance of my home so the kaavi border and the subsequent decoration outside.
Simple poo kolam with 7 dots for Diwali
The following images show the step by step procedure to draw this simple and easy poo kolam with dots for Diwali festival.  Also a simple and colourful rangoli for New Year . The dot grid is 7 to 4 placed vertically.  I have added a number of images to make it easy to learn , draw.  The first floral pattern with six petals is drawn at the centre.  Then connecting each petal draw six more flowers on the outside dots.  Draw two lines ( I have drawn them separately to get the border ).  Fill with colours of your choice to get this simple and cute kolam for the upcoming festival season like Deepavali kolam  and Karthigai Deepam kolam 




We can also have a combination of birds and lotus ( poo kolam ) .  This design was created by me when I was doing doodles.  This design I think is little different , it appears as if the birds are carrying the lotus flowers. The dot pattern used is 6 by 6.  At the four corners add the petal patterns as shown in the image.  As shown in the next image develop the bird patterns on four sides and connect the flowers using the beaks as shown.  Then finally add the crown , eyes and other paraphernalia as required.


8 by 8 dots poo kolam for New Year decoration | Pongal festival decoration | Sankranti ideas
After a kolam that I created this one is quite a common flower rangoli design using a square dot grid.  It is quite simple and easy and the pictures should give the step by step procedure to draw this beautiful kolam.  I have stopped Aat the white kolam level.  We can add bright colours like pink , orange or yellow for the flowers and make a wonderful decoration for the festivals.



9 by 5 simple lotus designs kolam for New Year | Puthandu kolam
With a nine to five dot pattern we can draw a simple poo kolam with dots the pookkal ( flowers ) representing lotus.  This kolam also I have stopped at the white kolam step.  We can fill colours as we wish


This is a collection of floral rangoli designs and not the poo kolam or rangoli using flowers we draw and make  for festivals like Diwali  and  Onam. I will add this variety also when time permits.

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