OHP sheet kundan rangoli for Diwali Navratri

Kundan rangoli - artificial rangoli
Kundan - literally means gems and stones.  There is a long history of kundan designs so far as jewellery with precious stones is concerned.  Since Rangoli-sans-dots  is on rangoli and few other arts and craft, we will confine to kundan rangoli designs.  Obviously we use simple and cheap trinkets available in the market.  What I have used are the trinkets I use for jewellery making. 

 So, the rangoli designs here may look different from the usual models.  Of course for our imagination, sky is the limit and I feel we have the freedom to use it to design our own kundan rangoli designs.  I have mounted on an OHP sheet, the trinkets suitably stuck to it with glue.  We can collect as many individual designs as we want, re-arrange them and use in different combinations to different designs.

Navratri golu decoration with kundan rangoli on OHP sheet

Another kundan rangoli design using the above elements and the rangoli below I have used for decorating the Navratri golu. 
 Since the elements are separate they can be re-arranged to get different patterns the more the elements more the patterns we can get.

The next design is somewhat different. I have used the OHP sheet to get some petal like designs and the central circular portion of a flower.  The central portion has been decorated with kundan (stones in green colour).  The petals and the carpel are further beautified with colours using 3D glitter and glass colours.  A simple home made rangoli design and easy too.

The next rangoli in this series is a kundan rangoli design that has been got by rearranging a couple of  designs. 
 The central design formed with OHP sheet and kundan stones, and the green petal or bindi like shapes belong to one rangoli and the outer mango shaped patterns formed with red kundan stones and gold coloured strings pasted on an OHP sheet is from another designs.  Since a kundan rangoli can usually be disassembled into its elements it is easy to combine two or more elements to get a totally new design.
  Thus if we make some basic patterns that are meant for the centre and some that are for the arms it is possible to get combination of rearranged kundan rangoli designs  and the number depends on the number of elements.  In the image below is one such design.                                           
  The next rangoli design with kundan is shown in the photo .  Ready made trinkets in the design that are available are stuck at the centre and around to get a very simple kundan design.
 It is possible to create simple bird patterns using kundan theme. Draw the outline of a bird on an OHP sheet, cut to get the bird pattern.  Paste golden beads ( or chain ) along the pattern.  Add kundan stones inside the pattern as shown to get a very simple and easy birds design.
  A mirror image of this design can also be created so that both can be juxtaposed with floral patterns in between to get a more beautiful kundan rangoli design.

Diya rangoli designs are one of the most sought after themes for festivals like Diwali amd Karthigai Deepam festival in Tamil Nadu.  There is a video in my YouTube channel that is  a collection of diya rangoli designs from various posts.
 All of them are free hand designs however some can be drawn with dots  A compilation of simple and colourful designs.  
Kundan rangoli design with Diyas for Diwali
The kundan rangoli design I designed has been added for Diwali 2013.  As I have already emphasised diya or diya designs are closely associated with Diwali and few other festivals.

 Cut an OHP sheet into a circular shape.  The red, green and transparent kundan stones are stuck on the sheet.  Use a high quality glue to simplify the sticking process.

The four diya shaped designs are also got by drawing the design on an OHP sheet using OHP marker pen.  Also, one shape can be drawn, cut and using this as a template other designs can be obtained.
 Alternatively the shape can be drawn on a cardboard piece and the diya designs are got using this as a template.  The gold coloured strings are stuck along the diya pattern to get a more beautiful effect. However, the lighting effect that can be seen on the image is incidental and was not done on purpose!

How to make a kundan rangoli on OHP sheet at home

The following images takes us through the steps needed for making an element of a kundan rangoli design
Make a template 
Pin an OHP sheet on tissue paper with OHP sheet on top

 Insert the template so that it is below the OHP sheet and is visible
Apply glue along the contours of the template

Paste the beads carefully with pincers
The image below shows the completed element of kundan rangoli .  Make many such elements to get a rearrangable kundan rangoli

This decoration idea can be used to make a kundan rangoli OHP sheet using kundan of various colours, half pearls. 
 The central pattern in blue has been made using foam sheet.  While I have used this rangoli to decorate Navratri golu or kolu as w call it, it is can also be used for  decoration for Diwali
The artificial rangoli design below using kundan represents some free hand designs that are found in Rangolisansdots.  If you would have observed the design I have drawn particularly the rangoli without dots there is a bias towards these patterns.  It is quite easy to make. Mark a circle with a compact disc ( CD ) and cut the sheet to get a circle.  Paste the kundan patterns radiating from the centre to get this simple kundan rangoli design.  A circular rangoli design and so it is here.


It is also possible to get a simple rangoli from a previously erased rangoli.  The two photos below show how it is possible. After erasing the rangoli mix the various colours thoroughly so that we get a uniform resultant colour as shown in the image below.
Using our finger we can draw some simple patterns.  If required we can decorate the rangoli as shown in the second photo.
OHP sheet and kundan rangoli combination for Diwali decoration ideas

The following OHP sheet craft and kundan stones craft for decoration of homes for festivals like Diwali should give some ideas for trying some of our own. 
 The first one I have traced a lamp base on an OHP sheet then cut with a pair of scissors and pasted golden ball chain along the contours of the lamp or diya base.  
I have decorated with green kundan stones.  I have used matching kundan stones for the flame or jyothi - the shape should match the diya lights.  The flame part I have done separately and placed on the base.  Try for Diwali decoration 2016 ( updated )


In this I have used the same diya with a base that represents a kumbha to make it relevant to auspicious festivals like Diwali and Navratri.
 Again the bottom is from OHP sheet with golden chain along the contour with some kundan stones for more decoration.

The same base used with leaves to give a Diwali kalash appearance
This is an example to show how we can make separate elements of these arts and crafts and combine to get a beautiful , easy decoration idea.

Floral rangoli on OHP sheets

This is a rangoli design for Diwali made from over head projector sheet in short called OHP sheet.  The designs are drawn using glitters available in market, commercially.
The base is a design similar to a semi-circular sanskar bharathi design.  On this the floral patterns in gold and bright blue are added .
 The leaf patterns in yellow on the top complete this artificial rangoli design for Diwali or to be used as a gift
Rangoli can be drawn on OHP sheets to get a decorated sheet that can be used as a part of a gift in some form.  
Below a simple rangoli design drawn with 3D glitter and the border decorated with simple patterns.  This can be used as a cover for a gift  or for a school project cover ( a book, a file of sheets  or something like that ).  
Actually more patterns can be added on the sheet.  I have done only a sample.  Though it is simple it will add to sentimental value when we do it for some one we care for.
Below or two more  samples of rangoli designs on OHP sheet that are drawn with 3D glitter.  After drawing cut the sheet using a pair of scissors to get some simple designs.  I gift these for festivals like Navratri, Sankranthi and Diwali to my friends and relatives.
Floral rangoli on OHP sheets

Drawing rangoli through the traditional method that as been discussed , described in Rangoli-sans-dots in detail . Occasionally we should digress from our traditional route .
  So this post on drawing a rangoli on an OHP ( over head projector ) sheet that is commonly available in the market.  
There are two methods of drawing a rangoli on an OHP sheet. One we can directly draw the design on the sheet if we are confident of drawing a neat design else we can draw a design with a ball pen on a sheet of paper ( A4 size ) using instruments to get the straight lines ( and the curved lines if we wish ).  
This sheet is placed below the OHP sheet , the rangoli design is visible because the OHP sheet is transparent.  Then it is easy to draw the rangoli ( just as we do using a tracing paper ). 
1. Draw the rangoli on a plain sheet with a ball pen.

2. Place an OHP sheet above the sheet on which the design is drawn and fasten all sides with clips.

3.  Draw the rangoli using glass outliners ( usually available in gold and black colours ). I have used gold in this design

4. Allow it dry naturally for a few hours .

5. The outline should be thick to retain the colours we are going to fill the rangoli with

6. After the outline dries fill the rangoli with colours using glass colours.  The choice of the colours is left to our imagination

7.  The rangoli can be further decorated with lotus patterns and a surrounding border as I have done.
8.  We can also add or paste kundan stones, artificial pearls.  

9. Ideal craft idea for Navratri or Diwali decoration and also for gifts

10.  We have a tradition of giving small and simple gifts during Navratri and this can be gifted.  It adds to sentimental value too.

This is a simple free hand rangoli design drawn following the method described in the  steps above. Around a basic free hand pattern I have drawn simple lotus patterns.  This design can be made more attractive adding artificial stones and more colours.
This rangoli can be further decorated by filling colours in the lotus designsm by adding a colourful contour in blue and also by sticking pearls as shown.  This is a perfect idea for a gift during festivals like Navaratri.  I draw them and offer as gifts during festivals or to guests who visit us.  The image below shows how the rangoli looks after decoration                                 

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