kolam Sanskar Bharti rangoli for Diwali

 I have tried this beautiful rangoli making technique using the traditional method of drawing kolam. 
 The main difference is that in kolam we draw the design and then fill with colours whereas when we draw sanskar bharti rangoli designs for Diwali. We fill the colours first and draw the patterns with white rangoli powder. 
The two images show sanskar bharti rangoli designs for beginners.  Using colours like green, pink, red with patterns like lotus, spirals the rangoli has been created.    I have added more patterns outside also. The influence of kolam can be seen of course.

The usual method of filling the colours in the semi-circles or circles is draw the pattern with a piece of chalk tied to a thread.  Then fill with a tea filter.
 I have made semi circles directly with the colours themselves as we usually do in kolam designs.   The picture below demonstrates how.

The image below shows how we can use this technique for a corner rangoli design for Diwali or Ganpati festival. It is a sector of a circle that we use.


I have added a few semi circular rangoli , cannot be termed galleries .  When I try the square and circular variation, I will share them too.
This post may have answers to 
a) how to make sanskar bharti simple rangoli
b) Sanskar bharti rangoli for beginners.

A rose by any other name smells as sweet - All types and techniques of making rangoli are beautiful .
 I want to join classes to learn rangoli making followed in Maharastra but I do not find such classes here in Chennai.

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