Women's Day rangoli kolam images

he first rangoli above has six birds around a six petal flower.  The floral patterns between any two birds can be considered to represent the tails.  If we add a few lines of the head , the crest is  displayed. 
                                                               1) Women's Day rangoli kolam     

                                                                  2) Women's Day kolam designs


he pic above shows four "swans" swimming in water.  The central square with petals inside with semi circular patterns on all four sides -  

I have used them in quite a few free hand rangoli designs.  I sprinkled a few colours here and there.  I did not fill the colours.  

We all know that Women's Day is celebrated on 8th of March every year.  Since this blog is primarily on rangoli designs,  I use the same theme to give ideas on how to celebrate Women's Day with rangoli . In my opinion there is a lot of common between Women's Day and birds. 

 Birds represent freedom, peace , liberty.  They may also stand for grace, strength, patience and love.  Obviously all these qualities are found in women.  So I thought birds rangoli would be a suitable theme for celebrating this occasion. 

 This post is also a tribute to the millions of women who every day early in the morning, at dawn , draw at least a simple kolam at the entrance of their homes despite the hectic schedules they have day in and day out - as a home maker or as a working woman 🙏🙏

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