Awesome stencil rangoli ideas for Dhanteras

 New simple  rangoli making tips for Dhanteras , Bhai Dooj

In an earlier post, I shared how to use two different colours on a rangoli stencil to create quick and easy rangoli.

I have tried something different here.  Bina dot rangoli patterns plus stencil.  Regimentation suppresses creativity. 

 It is possible to have more variations also and that will be tried in Rangoli-sans-dots.

I think you will agree that we find it very painful to erase a rangoli .  In the image the space at the centre in black is filled with colours , free hand patterns.

The colour in the background is obtained by erasing a previous colourful rangoli . It is a mixture of various colours. 

 I have used a rangoli stencil on this background and added free hand patterns around the circle.  Only the centre part of a stencil has been used.

How to create beautiful rangoli with both techniques i.e using stencil and free hand (without chukki ) designs is demonstrated in these two images



One more easy rangoli for Dhanteras 

Innovative rangoli designs for festivals - two more images .  The purple hue in the annular portion is from a mixture of colours from an erased rangoli.  Ephemeral is the word associated with this art.

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