Top 10 Sankranthi muggulu

 1)  Beautiful Sankranthi muggulu design
Rangoli designs in this collection , were drawn on a kitchen slab !  All are spontaneous creations.  Later I started recording them in a note book for reference ( not for drawing but for sharing on social media )
2) Small Sankranthi rangoli 
Rangoli colours _ I get them from Nagpur where my sister lives.  She gets them from Koradi near Nagpur ( there is a Goddess Lakshmi temple in Koradi ,  I came to know from her ).  Though I have visited Nagpur many times, I have never had the opportunity to have a darshan there.  As the saying goes -  to have darshan of God ( or Goddess ) we need Her/His blessings.  The rangoli colours are sold in several shops there.  There are a huge collection of colours.  The texture is just right that we can draw lines using them.  
3) Sankranthi rangoli without dots 
Compare the muggulu above and below.  The second one -  after drawing the outer pattern I filled with the brownish colour and filled it with patterns as shown.  The second one is drawn on the slab without any colourful background.  If you observe , more the patterns ( small and intricate ) we draw the more beautiful the muggu turns out to be. 
4) Awesome rangoli for festival
5) Sankranthi colour muggulu , small 
Now the kolam above is really a beauty.  Isn't she.  She how colours , spirals and small lines make the design awesome.  You don't have to draw big muggu to attract attention.  Small is beautiful too. 
6) Simple rangoli for festival
What is a simple design turns into a unique one due to use of pink colour and border.  The rest is only leaves and floral patterns.  
7) Free hand leaves rangoli
Occasional use of leaves ( nature is an easy theme to be followed in free hand rangoli drawing.  The photo above shows an example.  The muggu below is part of a bigger one  I have shared elsewhere.
8) Muggulu without chukkalu
When we draw lots of petals as I have in the rangoli below it is preferable to use thin lines.  Around the floral petals drawn radially , patterns can be drawn according to our imagination however keeping in mind that they should be congruous with the central design.
9)  Circle rangoli design , new 
Another free hand rangoli in the image below ,  one of the thousands I have shared in this blog.  After all I have to do justice to the name Rangolisansdots
10 ) Unique rangoli kolam
Quite a few viewers watching my muggulu videos were confused as to why I use the name Rangolisans dots which literally means Rangoli without dots.  I started sharing only muggulu without dots then ventured into dot designs because there were several requests for those type too ( obviously ).

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