Without chukki rangoli for Sankranti

For those who have read most posts of my blog , you would observe some changes.  Rangolisansdots has become a huge collection of different types of rangoli designs. 

 So I am trying to categorise them into various types to make the blog more user friendly.  The idea is that one should find what he/she is looking for. 

 I am trying to revamp the blog by putting myself in the mind of the user. 

I do not know how many designs are there but when I applied for copyrights for the blog I found that the copies ran into several hundred pages.  

The designs are free for those who use them for their personal use. I was reluctant to apply for copyrights . 

I was really not happy when I discovered that many YouTube channels and websites started using my designs.

 So this long and strenuous exercise , I had to do -  applying to the Registrar of Copyrights.  It was then I discovered that I had shared thousands of designs for the benefit of all drawing kolam at the homes. 

9 simple and small rangoli designs  for the festival also called Pedda  Panduga by my mother. The clockwise and anti clockwise portrayal of the two patterns gives a unique effect. 

 Inspired by the common wheel.   1) Circle rangoli design small ( not exactly circular though )


The next rangoli is also a simple rangoli.  Colours should be of the right texture to get an excellent effect . Very  thick lines with colours that also smudge should be avoided. 

 For this the selection of right rangoli colours is important.

2) Free hand rangoli design simple and easy 

3) sample of muggulu  free hand rangoli designs

The rangoli above is  made by using very bright colours.  That is rare for me to do.  However there may be some who prefer very bright colours.  So this blue, green, yellow and pink combination.  The rangoli above is small without chukki rangoli and the image is self explanatory. 

4) Next, a rangoli small size 


5)The photo below shows an easy without chukki rangoli for the festival. 

6) Diya rangoli easy


Lamps may be popular patterns for Deepavali .  We can use for Sankranthi too.  Refer the pic above for a simple deepam design.  The next rangoli below is really awesome , I think . 

 Please do not think I am praising myself :)  I am just viewing as a third person.  See how simple patterns can make an easy rangoli look beautiful .

  The next rangoli image below this is also nice.  Congruity in selection of patterns for each layer of a free hand rangoli is important to draw such designs.  Hope you agree 

7) In the photo - an idea for beautiful simple rangoli designs without dots 


8) attractive simple rangoli design


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