Very small rangoli designs without dots

 We need very small white rangoli designs for our daily vasal kolam.  I would like to reiterate that time and space are constraints at present. 

 However to follow to tradition of decorating the entrance with small and simple kolam we need some ideas.

Rangoli tips - Symmetry is very important for the beauty of rangoli but when we draw with rangoli powder with our fingers

 it is possible that there may be imperfections here and there.  We should concentrate on the overall symmetry and should not compare individual elements.

For example in the muggulu designs shared above there may be slight differences in the lengths of the arms, sizes of the patterns.

 That is our limitation and constraints we humans have.


These designs can be used as small without chukki rangoli are can be used as base to expand further , whenever possible. Spirals should be drawn without any joints .  For this draw them with confidence at one stretch.  The close up image of the rangoli powder is beautiful and natural 


That is one some days we can use them as completed kolam and on other days when we have spare time during weekends.  We can try something different or unique


Sometimes when we let our imagination takes flight , we ourselves may be surprised with the result.  In the rangoli below draw the eight petals and then connect the edges to form a circle if you are drawing the circle without any tools.


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