Beautiful rose rangoli Diwali decoration

 How to draw a rose kolam with dots ( 15 to 8  chukki rangoli  ) 
Start at the centre.  The image above shows how to proceed.  You will observe from the images that I do not draw the pattern with a piece of chalk before drawing with rangoli powder. This is the preferable method of practising such complicated patterns. An intermediate step for the rose flower muggulu with dots.
We may not get the  designs according to our satisfaction if we draw directly without tracing the pattern but with practice we will get closer to perfection.  The next pic shows how the roses are drawn using the remaining dots .  The picture below shows the rose rangoli with dots without colours.  
Rose kolam rangoli without colours 
We can fill colours according to our imagination.  I have given an idea in the photo below for the rose kolam with 15 dots 

Rose kolam with a 15 to 8 dot pattern is one of the most common rangoli  that is drawn quite frequently for special occasions or for festivals like Diwali.  If you are looking for a design for a traditional  for rangoli competition,  I think this may fit the bill along with the hundreds of big rangolis available in this website.  The dot pattern 15 to 8 is with interlaced dots.  competitions.  The dot pattern is 15 to 8 idukku pulli.    The  6 roses may be drawn as shown in the pic.  The central design and the remaining dots can be connected with designs according to our imagination .
Rangoli tip - When we draw such big designs and sprinkle colours it is possible that they will spill on the rangoli.  While we should do carefully , do not worry if it happens.  After filling the colours once again draw the entire design with white rangoli .  This will take care of the spilt colours and also enhance the beauty of the main design.  Of course what we need is patience.  

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