30 days 30 kolam designs

    The first set of 10 rangoli designs  1) A very beautiful kolam
   The first two rangolioli designs in this collection are images from some of the most popular videos of free hand kolam I shared on YouTube.  White kolam versions posted here for our daily vasal kolangal.
2. Creative rangoli kolam
      3. Easy flower kolam                           
One of the simplest and best flower rangoli , suitable for filling with colours .  Try free hand or with a 9 to 5 dot grid ( if I remember right ).  A two lines rangoli I learnt from my mother ( not only the technique but this design too ).  We can draw it on Friday , as I usually do.  Fridays are reserved for double stroke rangolis or padi kolam .  Of course there will be exceptions to the rule 
4. Double stroke kolam on cement floor 
Another simple kolam with 9 to 5 dots .  Quite easy since simple patterns using lines are involved
4.  Pulli kolam on cement floor 
Choosing the right colours is also important.  Most viewers agree with my choice of colours.  Few agree to disagree :)
6. Rangoli kolam floor (on)
For Fridays we can choose colourful kolam too.  Observe the simple technique of adding only colourful lines without filling up .  In the background is the floor at the entrance of my home.  If you have tiles getting right contrast is a necessity. 
7. Simple lines muggulu small 
A white kolam drawn without dots  with lamps and lotus.  One more Friday kolam ( lotus is one of my preferred patterns for Velli kizhamai since according to me we can represent Goddess Lakshmi through lotus flower )
8. Daily kolam rangoli design
Using lines and geometric patterns to draw kolams.  For congruity we should decide whether the extensions should be clockwise or anti clockwise depending upon the design.
9.  simple awesome rangoli design 
Drawing small and intricate patterns with kola podi can increase the combinations we can try in daily kolangal.  In the pic below we have spirals lin leaves, floral petals and fruits:) in the rangoli
10. Intricate kolams

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