30 days 30 kolam 3 set 10 images

 First rangoli one cement floor 
Two kolams similar yet different in the images above and below . The flower design at the centre is the same.  There are some differences in the motifs/patterns use on the periphery. Demo of two different simple colouring ideas are also shown.  The second rangoli on cement floor. 
3rd and 4th  rangoli on black floor
A plain white version of a colourful design using paisleys .  The smaller patterns are like sting rays says may daughter .  The kolam below uses small and big lotus or thamarai designs 
Next an idea for rangoli on steps 
The tails of the peacocks are converted into a lotus ( above ).  The kolam below is beautiful but a bit tricky.  
The picture shows a kolam  on floor idea 
The rangoli above was created by me for Facebook.  Star is a commonly used base.  Draw this free hand kolam and decorate with kaavi for Friday. The next one is very simple and I think the image is self explanatory
Easy kolam with dots 
Two dot kolam ,  the picture above shows a 4 by 4 dots design and the photo below a simple 9 by 5 rangoli with geometric shapes as the main patterns
Many kolam in Rangoli-sans-dots are drawn without any preparation. Very few finishing touches are given. All are of the 'no frills' type.  The idea is to get an image as one would when she/he draws on the floor.I felt that this method  would  ensure  that the images uploaded are congruous with or closer to to our real life. 

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