15 dots kolam new designs Bhogi

This blog post may have answers to 1) How to draw rangoli with dots 2) How to draw muggulu with dots . One of the bigger rangoli created by me. Dot pattern is 15 to 1 . Number of dots decreases viz. ( 15,13,9,7,5,3,1)
                Floral designs at the corners for this beautiful chukki rangoli 
                                            This kolam design was created by me long ago !
                                      Draw the white rangoli or colourful kolam for Diwali or Dasara 
                                                           apart from Bhogi festival 

Though  it is with 15 dots it is relatively easy to draw.  The patterns below the neck (that represent the wings! are drawn first on the four sides.  

The beauty of this kolam lies in the symmetry of the patterns.  .One of the advantages or creating rangoli designs is that the result may be a unique rangoli.  

Actually I thought of drawing butterflies and flowers but changed the theme to birds and flowers.  Floral patterns are congruous with pakshi or titli ( occasionally I use other languages too  to describe the patterns ).

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