30 days 30 kolam 2 set 10 images

          1. Idea for simple kolam for daily use - first pic          
Two rangoli kolam I created in the pics above and below when I have some time to spare  in the pics above and below  and that is usually in the afternoons.  Afternoons are reserved for creating kolam or for stringing flowers.  The one above is based on padi kolam theme.  What patterns are to be used to decorate kolam .  We can decide after trying various combinations
2. Simple rangoli for daily purpose
A lotus kolam that can be drawn on Fridays .  The gap between the pair of lines drawn to surround the lotuses can be filled with kaavi .
3.Simple rangoli for daily use 
A maavilai kolam in the photo below that can be drawn on Friday or for festivals.  This can be drawn with 5,7 or 9 dots 
4. Simple rangoli image for daily 
The rangoli in the photo below can be drawn with 6 by 6 dots or without chukki too.  One of the "simple and elegant" designs shared by me .  Quotes are to show that this was the feedback by one of the viewers. 
5. Simple rangoli designs for daily 
Try this rangoli kolam and fill with different colours to decorate your homes for festivals .  Use a 7 to 4 dot grid if you want to draw as a pulli vacha kolam
6. Simple rangoli designs for daily purpose
7.Simple line rangoli design
Two different types of rangolis in these images.  One is with star pattern and the other is with flower design.  The floral kolam can be filled with colours if required. 
8. Easy flower kolam picture 
9. Easy rangoli designs for entrance 
Two popular rangoli design from my videos on Facebook and Instagram .  I hope you will love drawing them.  
10. Most beautiful rangoli in the world ! ( in my opinion )
This big collection of thirty kolam images should be useful for all for drawing kolam daily at the entrance.  One of the most pleasant experiences for me - drawing rangoli early in the morning .  Usually I have my cup of hot coffee ( without chicory ! ) only after drawing the daily rangoli.  

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