Two lines kolangal Bhogi special muggulu

 This is a special Bhogi rangoli idea - drawing 2 lines of different colours.  Double line rule is the same for both types - with one colour ( usually white ) or two  colours as shown 

Pick the rangoli powder ( one colour each on the tip of the index finger and  next finger ) close with the thumb and push .

 Simultaneously move the arm to draw the lines.  One line falls between the index and next fingers, the other line falls outside the index finger.

This image ( close up ) shows how to draw two lines .  Use of thumb is shown . If you like to know more about this rare difficult rangoli technique you may visit 2 lines kolam with 2 colours 

The information in this post may be useful if you are looking for a)Double line rangoli images
b) Simple double line rangoli 

One of the rarest and most beautiful methods of creating traditional kolam with lines , is more beautiful if the lines are discrete

I think I 'invented" this technique.  I haven't seen anyone using it earlier.  I wanted to try with two different colours , the result was awesome




Now for some simple 2 line muggulu   Simple double line rangoli for beginners

This kolam ( above ) has intersecting lines drawn with parallel lines.  Adding colours to 2 lines rangoli is quite simple and can be done in double quick time. I have added a border also with 2 stroke line.

In the image above a simple double line muggu drawn around a stencil.  Just to try something different.

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