Sankranthi rangoli without dots simple

 The first kolam is floral design with with pink and blue flowers decorated with a white and green border.  

This floral motif is regularly used in rangolis.   If you observe closely, the design formed is flowers inside a flower.  A very different free hand kolam.

The second rangoli - I have drawn only 6 flowers around the 8 petal flower at the centre. because drawing eight flowers radially,

one for each petal may make the design congested and cramped or may result very small flowers on the periphery. 

I am only thinking aloud,  hope you understood. No place for veins of the leaves :)

The third rangoli one more design with just petals , using different colours because it is for the muggulu season i.e Dhanrumasa

The fourth rangoli - we draw  and colour as in the image or we can fill colours in the background , if we have more time at our disposal -

on a weekday during Dhanur masam we can draw without colours probably on Saturday or Sunday we can fill with colours.  

Actually I had a different colouring method in mind ( not colouring scheme ) but settled for this.

1) Colourful without chukki flower rangoli design

2) Simple flower kolam without chukki
3) Free hand rangoli small and simple for Sankranti
4) Without chukki small rangoli design image
5) Small circular rangoli sans dots 

The fifth kolam is a symmetrical design.  All designs can be expanded further , as is the case of any without chukkala muggulu. I only give ideas so that you can develop from there.  Also I share these free hand designs created by me with a view to attract more people towards this art.  Hence they are for personal use only and should not be used for any commercial purpose.  Hope you will understand.

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