Rangoli without dots with colours

 Rangoli sans dots as the name suggests is all about rangoli without dots.  Some of the designs created by me few years back are shared here.   Free hand designs test our imagination.

While white kolam can be drawn for daily purpose rangoli , we can draw the colourful ones for festivals like New Year.

If you are looking for simple rangoli designs without colours for beginners that are new too these rangolis 

may be the ones you are looking for.  Obviously most. kolam drawn by me are new particularly without chukki type 

because they are all created by me . Some of them spontaneously others are recorded in many notebooks .  " Every time you come up with something new and different " 

This is a sample feedback from one of my social media accounts.  The reason is I spend my afternoons practising , creating 

Addition of colours have been shown in the images below.  The background has not been filled.  If time permits choose  a suitable background. 



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