Kadalai paruppu sundal in cooker

For  ten ladies are invited for Navaratri kolu we need half kilogram kadalai paruppu or bengal gram. 

Soak for 30 minutes or for 45 minutes if sufficient time is available.  

 Since other sundal varieties require 12 hours soaking this can qualify as a quick sundal recipe too.  

The soaked kadalai paruppu  can be cooked separately in a vessel adding  water for cooking or in a pressure cooker.

 ( in a pressure cooker allow just two whistles ).

In a vessel take two  table spoons of cooking oil,  one teaspoon mustard seeds, a pinch of asafoetida, two medium size  red chillies and curry leaves.

 Add the cooked bengal gram after removing excess water.  Add salt to taste.  Cook till moisture is removed and this will be for few minutes .  Adding grated coconut enhances the taste

Thirty to forty year ago sundal was distributed to guests in pottalam as we call it.  Now we  distribute it through ziploc  bags ! 

When we were young, we ( friends and I )  went to many  houses in the street .  Our excuse was  to see the Navaratri kolu but it was for the sundal pottalam.  

When we came out of a house we would open the pottalam with excitement  to see what sundal variety was inside!

Sometimes same sundal was given in two to three consecutive houses .  So we invariably tried our luck in other houses.

The ladies in the houses , smiled because they knew what for we had come but with a smiling face gave sundal to all of us. 

Kadalai paruppu sundal 

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