rangoli dots 15 to 8 with colour

Medium size kolam  designs for New Year , Bhogi and Pongal festivals 

Kolam designs above 15 dots may ( can ) be classified under an intermediate category, they are neither small nor are they very big.  

They can be  drawn for festivals like Margazhi, Ugadi or at the entrance of kalyana mantap ( wedding hall ) .  

One such design below.  It is with a 15 dot to 8 dot grid ( The dots are idukku pulli type - meaning that after a row of dots is placed the next one is placed between the previous row of dots and below ( or above ). 

Consequently, the number of dots reduce by one in each row - 15, 14, 13, 12 till 8 dots in this case.  

I have shared the plain and white kolam.  White kolam designs are beautiful in their own way and are widely used in Tamil Nadu, daily.

 In the kolam with colours I have chosen to hide the ribs drawn on the floral patterns by adding the colours.  We can also add the ribs again after filling the colours.

There us  image represents an intermediate step of the kolam design after drawing the 7 floral patterns.  The design at the centre and the patterns connecting the dots between the inner designs and the outer flowers are drawn.

Kolam tip - The distance between the dots can be chosen according to our convenience depending on the space and time available.  

The more the distance the larger will the kolam below and hence occupy more space and will take more time to complete and  add colours.. 

15 to 8 chukki rangoli with colours and steps 


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