Karthigai Deepam special kolam 15 pulli

I wanted to create a simple rangoli with deepam ( or lamp designs ).  After several small designs I wanted to try a bigger design.  Hence the dot pattern is 15 to 1

The first image , a white kolam step shows how the outer designs are created. I think this one image will suffice to get an idea.

This is also a simple kolam but again with influence of free hand rangolis in the motifs on either side of the lamps.

As seen in the second picture it is beautiful without filling the central space with colours. for this activity we  need 10 to 15 minutes 

 Filling up the gaps will take some time and demands  patience! Two pics showing before and after filling with rangoli colours.

Karthigai Deepam in Tamil Nadu is somewhat similar to Diwali celebrations particularly lighting diyas ( for those who are not aware )



There is a very good collection of traditional kolam designs and recipes for this festival in this blog. 

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