Paal poli with rava sooji poli

 Naivedyam for Navarathri and Fridays - Paal poli 

  • The dough can be prepared with rava or maida ,  I have used rava in this post
  • Chiroti rava is preferable .  If ordinary rava is used dry grind  in a mixer 
  • Add a small pinch of salt , knead the dough, use a wet cloth to cover 
  • Let the dough absorb the water for at least 2 hours
  • Using a rolling pin roll the dough into small circular pieces
  • Then using a fork pierce the flattened dough at a few places so that the holes are through
  • This will prevent air from getting trapped in the poori when frying ( use of Physics, in cooking ! )
  • Fry the pooris , pressing them while frying to remove any little  air that may be inside
  • The flattened poori is soaked in boiled milk
  • Milk  is kept ready by boiling with  sugar , cardamom powder and saffron
  • Let the  pooris soak for a few minutes, then  remove them. Garnish with pistachios , cashews and almonds for plating
  • A tempting recipe for Diwali sweet 
Fork is used to make holes , to allow air to escape when frying 


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