Simple rangoli kolam designs new model

 First image The rangoli  starts with a plus and expands with semi-circular patterns and petal like designs

.  It has a simple two line border filed with blue rangoli powder on which red dots are added.  All the four edges have spiral patterns. 

 The rangoli is filled with different colours yellow, green and blue. The remaining space that is black can also be filled with some colour of our choice,

 only thing it is to be done carefully.  The rangoli with colours filled is available in Dusshera rangoli

Second image - This kolam / rangoli  also uses floral petals as motifs.  The basic kolam is drawn with spiral patterns as shown. 

The outermost patterns are based on floral petals and are used to decorate the kolam. 

Third image - In the rangoli  the central design is drawn by drawing intersecting lines and forming the parallelogram like patterns.

 The edge of each one is expanded with floral designs with two petals.  The gaps between the petals are filled with free hand designs.  The central design is further enhanced with circular patterns of various colours. 

 Finally the colours are filled up as shown to obtain the image shown above resulting in a colourful (green, yellow, blue ) floral pattern at the centre.  The rangoli  has two floral designs, the innermost one with petals of two colours and the outermost one filled with pink colour. 

 The rangoli has been filled completely with pink outside the central design.  This takes some time and demands patience also. 

 After filling the gaps with pink floral petal motifs in orange have been added.  On the outside the places between the petals has simple patterns. A simple design for all occasions and festivals.

Fourth image - This rangoli is also with a circle as a theme with petals inside radiating from the centre. I have added triangular patterns around the circle.  

Though it is quite simple till this stage, filling up the colours inside needs a lot of patience. 

 You may observe that I have used two shades of pink for the petals inside
1) Simple rangoli kolam for Friday
2) Simple rangoli kolam for Pongal
3) Simple rangoli kolam for New year 
4) Small without chukki rangoli

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