Shanku chakra namam rangoli kolam

 An auspicious  Pooja room kolam and hence not drawn at the entrance.  As in the case of many posts I have shown 

the white kolam only.  It is preferable to decorate with kavi ( ochre ) colour.  Kavi is usually used for
auspicious occasions.

This kolam can be drawn for our Wednesday kolangal or Saturday kolam as these two days are important for Lord Vishnu

We can also draw for Vaikunta Ekadasi festival , Purattasi month ( the whole month is considered important for Lord Venkateswara )

I have also added Goddess Lakshmi's Feet for this rangoli.  In traditional rangoli we represent Her through Feet patterns.

The main rangoli represents the Lord through shanka and chakra designs with the Namam pattern at the centre.🙏🙏

I receive few suggestions on social media - like lines should be drawn from top to bottom, patterns should be drawn clockwise and not counter clockwise

Though I appreciate their views , I think that we must first encourage drawing kolam daily at the entrance particularly

in metros where I see that this tradition is somewhat affected ,  i.e drawing daily, I mean.  The practice of drawing rangoli for functions, festivals etc is still there , thankfully. 



Sangu chakra combination for Pooja room rangoli designs is common .  I have added the Namam and the Feet of Goddess too to make it unique .  Just as we have lotus or Feet patterns between the sangu and chakram , we can also have these two pattern discussed in the previous sentence. 

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