Lakshmi padam kolam Krishna patham kolam

Gokulashtami decoration | Laxmi Puja decoration ideas

Drawing the Feet of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Krishna is a part of the festival decoration -

 particularly Varalakshmi Vratham , Laxmi Puja and Krishna Jayanthi ( Janmashtami ).

It is our way of welcoming God into our humble home on these days. 

The Feet are drawn from the entrance of the house to the place where the Puja is performed.

 In the case of Varlakshmi Vratham it is up to the khalasam or idol and in the case of Sri Krishna Janmashtami

 it is up to the idol or photo in the Puja room where we perform the Puja for Him.

There are many methods of drawing the Feet. 

It is a simple  rangoli design actually I draw with the traditional method of drawing rangoli in Tamil Nadu. 

However , there may be some who may not be comfortable with the traditional method of kolam making. 

For their sake I have updated this post with a patham or padam muggulu that can be drawn using an innovative method.

Many designs that we can try for celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.  I have used blue colour to denote Neelavarna Kanna 🙏🙏


Krishna Jayanthi | Krishna Janmashtami rangoli designs | Krishnar padam kolam 

Some more ideas for drawing His feet in the Puja room. 
Use small and big bangles.  Draw on the outside of the big bangle and on the inside of the small bangle.  Remove them gently and then decorate as shown in the images below
Lakshmi Feet rangoli drawing one more pic
Simple Lakshmi Feet rangoli
Lakshmi Foot rangoli in white kola podi 
How to draw simple Lakshmi Feet rangoli . The link to my YouTube video is 👉 how to draw Lakshmi padam  

Two small bangles are placed, we should use small bangles so that the Feet are small  and cute.

 This is particularly important in the case of Lord Krishna's birthday because according to mythology His Feet are formed when He steals (!) butter as a child , steps on the overflowing butter and hence the Feet are formed by the butter .  Obviously they will be small and cute because He is a child.

Coming to the rangoli after placing two bangles, draw a curve inside the bangle at the bottom and curve outside the bangle at the top.  Remove the two edges carefully and gently.

The two curves will not connect perfectly using kolam powder connect the two small places where required.  The rest is easy. 

 Draw the toes and inside the Feet we can draw swastik , lotus or other patterns  to represent they are Divine Feet.  To represent Goddess Lakshmi's Feet we can add toe rings .

The video above when watched through the link shows how it is to be done with bangles .   This is really beautiful , I think .  

This is one of the most satisfying rangoli designs I have ever drawn.  Actually this idea struck my mind in the spur of the moment.

I was trying the  regular bangles.  The Feet ( I use capital for Feet to denote the Lord as is the case in the English language ) were too big.  Bala Krishna or Gokula Krishna is a such a naughty child . 

 So the patterns should reflect the beauty of a child's feet. 

 Drawing inside both the bangles or outside both did not yield the desired result.  So finally I got it.  Outside the top bangle and inside the bottom bangle is the right combination.

These are some of the traditional padam rangoli or patham rangoli designs .  The options are many.  They are drawn with single and double line or two single lines separately.

Some Lakshmi Feet rangoli designs for Diwali - traditional kolam
Goddess Lakshmi Feet rangoli 
Lakshmi Padagalu rangoli
Also for Sri Jayanthi or Krishna Janamastami 
Same designs can be used  to represent Goddess Laxmi and Sri Krishna
We can draw with white rangoli powder or wet rice flour ( arisi maavu )
Some more ideas for Diwali Laxmi Puja .  Also for Friday or Navratri decoration at home.
The images are self explanatory.  However the Feet are drawn using plastic caps of different sizes to get perfect circles.  The toes are drawn with rangoli colours.  Decorations inside are with cotton bud
Simple God Feet rangoli using plastic caps 
Next , is a traditional rangoli for Lakshmi Devi's Feet , the steps are shown in the images .  Small and cute Feet. Chakra designs are used for the Feet.  Reminds us of Sage Purandara Dasa's song Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma  in which he mentions how She enters our house  taking small steps the anklets producing music by jingling 🙏🙏
I have shared a big collection of both traditional and innovative kolam for drawing the Feet of God and Goddess for festivals.  You can add colours or if you want to keep it traditional kaavi can also be used to decorate.

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