Saturday kolam for Puja and entrance rangoli

On Saturday many of us have the practice of worshiping  Lord Hanuman and hence the first kolam for Lord Anjaneya that is to be drawn only in the Puja room.  This kolam can be drawn with dots or free hand .  I have drawn with dots using two rows of 6 dots then 5,4,3,2 to form the Sanjeevi Parvath.  This kolam represents the Lord carrying the Mountain in the epic Ramayana
 👉Hanuman rangoli - the video of the kolam from my YouTube Channel Rangolisansdots
Suppose we are looking for a special kolam for Saturday that is also simple and small , the kolam I drew on a Saturday entrance .  This has been drawn as a free hand kolam.
We can draw it with dots also.  This kolam can be considered to represent peacocks .  Viewers asked how it is possible to draw curved lines in kolam so that they are smooth and continuous.
There are three factors in this
1.  It comes with experience and this is the main factor.  When we learn we may not be able to draw too many curved lines
2.  We need to have flexibility at the wrist and it should not be stiff when drawing.
3.  This comes with experience again and also when we try too hard or we think too much about the lines we draw, the wrists and fingers tend to become stiff involuntarily.
4.  So in a nutshell , it comes with practice and when we practice we should be relaxed and should not try to be in a hurry to master this technique.
Now for the kolam
We start with a spiral shape at the centre, then draw four small or equal size spiral  designs on four sides.
From the spirals three long curved lines are drawn to represent the tails of the peacocks.  We can stop at this step with some for free hand designs between the spirals or we can add the peacock neck , crown and beak to complete the bird rangoli design.
The next kolam is a simple free hand kolam  that is created from a number of intersecting straight lines as seen from the figure below

I do not practice Kizhamai kolam as they say for each day of the week.  So I am not adding those designs that are in vogue and are supposed to represent the days of a week.
We can also have a simple and basic double line kolam for Saturday.  A small one will do without elaborate and intricate patterns and without colours.  
A simple and pattern with lines can be drawn as a vasal kolam for Sanikizhamai .   This is quite a common design , of course we can develop the kolam further if we want. The result is star like patterns are formed on all four sides.  The picture includes the vasal padi decoration too.  This is quite the usual decoration I do.  I use neli lines on both sides of the border as is evident in the picture.

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