Varalakshmi Vratham kalasam decoration

There are many methods of decorating kalasam , all of us follow our own customs and traditions  I would like to share through images how I prepare kalasam for Varamahalakshmi Vratham.

In our family we have a kalasam made from brass on which Face of Goddess Lakshmi with shank and chakra designs are etched on the kalasam.  This kalasam has been there for decades.  Since it is a specialised job and we have to give to professionals those who want to celebrate the festival the first time or new to this festival , the following method of kalasam preparation may be useful.

Take a silver or brass vessel for kalasam , clean it very well.   Apply limestone mixed with water ( sunnanbu in Tamil ) all around the kalasam.



Mix sandal wood powder in rose water and apply on four sides of the kalasam.  Then apply turmeric powder and kumkum above the sandalwood paste already applied


Instead of a plain kalasam we can use a Ashtalakshmi kalasam that is available in jewellery shops also.  This may be more suitable for the festival.  However , everything depends upon what we can do due to financial and time constraints.  It is important  to celebrate the festival to the best of our abilities either by following our family tradition


I add samba wheat inside the kalasam , we can add rice also instead of wheat


Then add picholai and karugamani to the kalasam

Add silver inside the kalasam , it can be any silver article

Then add gold inside the kalasam , again any gold article , a ring or coin or gold chain

Then we can add dry fruits - 5 almonds and 5 dried dates.


Next we have to prepare the coconut.  The coconut we choose should be perfect in shape as shown in the image below.  Apply turmeric powder and between any two eyes apply kumkum .  We imagine this as the Face of the Goddess.
Then we should decorate with mango leaves and thazampoo leaves ( screw pine flower , fragrant variety )


Place the coconut as shown with five mango leaves and five thazhampoo leaves alternately.


The kalasam is then placed inside the mantapam after performing the Pooja at the entrance.
I have added the video showing the actual video of performance of Pooja in our house it is a short video but should give an idea including our family kalasam , the decoration and other customs.
The video above is from my YouTube channel ( This blog post has been updated with this video)

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