New Year rangoli birds kolam big and small

This collection of kolam designs with dots ( some of them may be already there in various posts in Rangolisansdots ). 

 Rangolisansdots is a huge collection of hundreds of kolam that if we are looking for a particular kolam or particular genre ( if we can use this word here ) in kolam it is now almost like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Medium size birds rangoli with dots , simple and beautiful

The dot pattern is 9 dots 5 rows. Then 5 dots 2 rows on either side. Draw the square pattern at the centre and the birds designs on all four sides 



11 to 6 dots birds and rose buds kolam for New Year or Pongal ( Sankranti festival )

This simple kolam has leaves, rose buds and birds all packed in a small 11 to 6 dots grid.  We cannot ask for more for festival decoration that includes New Year and Pongal decoration.

I created this kolam , as I do when ever I have free or spare time.  Even without colours as a white kolam or white rangoli , I think it is very attractive.  What are your thoughts on this kolam.


Paravai kolangal - 9 dots rongoli
Again one more common birds kolam with dots.  We get 4 beautiful birds using the 9 to 1 dot pattern.
As is the norm in Rangolisansdots the images or pics will explain the steps.  


 The design uses a 9 to 1 dot grid.  Draw the four birds with wing (s) open so that it appears as if they are taking off.  We can shade the pattern and fill with decoration as shown above or we can add colours to get a beautiful birds rangoli.



19 dots birds kolam designs | big kolam for New Year | Pongal
Big rangoli are the first preference for many for New Year rangoli or Pongal kolam because New Year is about new hopes , new wishes and optimism about the future , Pongal among many other things marks the completion of the month long kolam festival in some parts of India where colourful and new kolam are drawn daily early in the morning at the entrance.  Just like Diwali rangoli competitions in some parts of India there are kolam competitions during Margazhi up to Pongal.

 The dot grid is a non-standard dot grid 19 x 9 dots, 11 x 1 on either side and finally 9 x 4 on  either side.  This is quite a common kolam but is rarely drawn these days probably because of the size and the intricacy of the patterns.  This should be one of the best kolam that can be drawn with colours if we want show our skills in kolam making.  

Big birds rangoli with dots






Birds chukki rangoli big size


White peacock rangoli for Diwali decoration and New Year competition



Navilu rangoli without chukki

Peacock is one of the most sought after designs in rangoli particularly for Diwali.  For a change , I have drawn a free hand peacock rangoli , a white rangoli without adding colours .  The image above show a lot of steps in what is a simple rangoli and so that images should be self explanatory.

Small kolam with 9 to 5 dots for Puthandu kolam
This is a birds kolam created by me.  Like most kolam created by me , this design also developed as the lines and dots combination grew into a design.  The addition of birds was an after thought, actually.  I thought initially that I have created lots of birds kolam designs that may be useful for daily kolam to festivals like New Year and Pongal kolam but I have a weakness for birds and butterflies patterns  and also for double line kolam.  So finally this kolam which is based on the sikku kolam theme  where the kolam is formed outside the dot pattern has been completed with the addition of some free hand birds designs.  It is our choice we can stop at an intermediate step  also.  

Using a 9 by 5 dot pattern draw two inverted triangles
Draw parallel lines outside the two triangles as shown 
After drawing the parallel lines round off the edges of the lines
Another view of the kolam showing the parallel lines  being drawn



Now , decorate with a white line border along the contours of the kolam

We can stop in the step above or develop free hand birds patterns as shown in the next pics

The kolam is ready for display for New Year kolam decoration.  Leave it white and plain are add colours for the birds only.  A different and simple kolam that we can use to show off to our neighbours for New Year celebrations that is usually grand in various parts of India and the world

Simple birds kolam with dots | 5 dots rangoli for New Year | Pongal
The dot pattern used is 5 by 5 and then 3 and 1 dots on all four sides.  Start with a square at the centre ( drawing a square is as easy as saying 1,2,3 ! for all of us ).  Then the further steps are clearly explained by the images .  Connecting the  dots with curved lines to get the shape of the birds is the tricky part in an otherwise easy kolam.  We can draw such curved lines easily with pencil , pen or even a piece of chalk , drawing it as close to perfection as humanly possible with kola podi comes with practice and confidence.  We can all do it .  


Chukki rangoli small with colours

Image showing small birds rangoli below.  
This is from my designs drawn elsewhere on this website.  I have added this collection in this relevant post also.

Small and easy birds kolam without dots or without chukki



  The search engines Google , Bing etc try to offer the best possible result but I find that occasionally the most appropriate result in my blog does not show up.   So I decided do my bit to streamline my rangoli designs and in this direction , I have decided to offer some kolam under the category of birds kolam that can be useful for those who search for birds rangoli designs with dots or for those who are looking for some big and small kolam for New Year.  Almost all of them are common kolam with dots particularly the bigger kolam with 19 dots has been drawn in our family for decades as also the two birds one above the other seventeen dot kolam design and 12 dot bird rangoli where we have the birds doing a merry-go-round in the kolam !  

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