Pasi paruppu recipe for chapathi

Payatham paruppu recipe | Moong dhal recipe | Side dish for chapathi | poori 
This is an easy and quick to make side dish that is tasty too.  The moong dhal  and tomatoes give the sweet taste balanced by green chillies and if required red chilly powder.


The ingredients are as shown in the pictures above.  They are finely chopped onion , sliced tomatoes , garlic cloves sliced, green chillies , curry leaves.  For 100 gram dhal we can take one onion and one tomato, few cloves of garlic.  Actually garlic is optional.  Finely chopped green chillies are needed to balance the sweet taste of the dhal and tomatoes.

Moong dhal is cooked in a pressure cooking after adding a pinch of turmeric powder.  So that it gets cooked well as shown in the image above.  Alternatively all the vegetables and chillies can be cooked with the moong dhal in a pressure cooker to make it easy for us and reduce the number of processes.

In a vessel called vanali in Tamil , take little oil , when the oil is hot , add mustard .  When mustard starts to splutter, add cumin seeds and saunf ( sombu and it is optional ).  Next add the green chillies and then the curry leaves , occasionally stirring so that they all get cooked evenly.

Then it is the turn of the onions to get cooked in oil .  Finally we have to add tomatoes because if we add tomatoes beforehand there is a possibility of them getting overcooked due to their  nature .
Adding curry leaves to the recipe completes one step in the side dish preparation.
Then we can add the moong dhal to the mixture.  Since we have already added turmeric powder to the dhal it will suffice if  we add a small pinch during  the preparation. Green  chillies give the hot flavour , if required we can add a pinch of red chilly powder also to enhance the flavour.  Add salt as required.  Stir well.  Remove from the stove , transfer to a serving bowl.  Add finely chopped coriander leaves for plating.

This is a very easy and good side dish for rice , particularly at night when we have exhausted the sambar and rasam cooked in the morning.  Also can be served as side dish for roti , poori and dosa too.

It is easy on the stomach as all moong dal recipes are , particularly if we reduce the number of green chilly used.

Mustard seeds are added when the oil  is sufficiently hot

Next add cumin seeds

Green chillies when fried definitely need the exhaust fan to be switch on or the electric chimney to be  on, not that we do not need them at other times  !

Sliced or chopped garlic cloves are added.  They are optional of course. Nowadays we read a lot about the research being conducted on the medicinal  properties of garlic so we can add them when ever and where ever we can.  In fact I understand though it is a rajasic food according to Yoga , some texts have given exemption in view of the medicinal properties it is supposed to possess.

Curry leaves , separated from the branches are added for flavour.

Add the chopped onions to the frying ingredients.


It is a good practice to add tomatoes at the end because they get cooked or fried very easily.


Stir well with a ladle at every step to avoid overcooking of one portion.
Add moong dhal cooked and kept ready - to the fried ingredients.

It looks yummy doesn't it.  It is one of the favourite dishes in our house.

Add coriander leaves for topping and plating.


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