Easy flower garland make simple garland

Traditional method of tying roses is tricky and needs practice , among most flowers rose petals are the most delicate and hence we have to handle the flowers carefully. 
 Even while tying it is possible that the petals can get separated. Still rose is one of the most beautiful flowers and many of us cannot resist the temptation of making a rose flower garland. ( poo malai ) What I have shown is a simple method for making a rose garland. 
 As usual , since this blog is mainly about traditions, customs and festivals , this decoration can be used for Varalakshmi Vratham or Navratri..
We need lace ribbon that has holes as shown in the picture below.  

Insert the roses one by one giving enough gap between any two roses.
The roses being inserted.  Even this we have to do carefully to preserve the petals.

After completing one side , insert the flowers the next side between the stalks of the roses already in place.

A beautiful garland is getting created with a simple method

Use a safety pin to fasten both the ends of the lace.

Decorate an idol of God for the festivals I mentioned earlier.


Also for the other to important festivals viz.  Ganesh Chaturthi and Janmastami.  Due to the ease with which we can make this , we can make quite long garlands in very little time.  I have chosen golden lace for the roses so that the colour combination goes well.  We can appreciate the beauty of this garland only when we actually make it and adorn an idol or photo of God for the festivals.

I always prefer pink rose or paneer rose as we say in Tamil .    Natural is always more beautiful .  So I prefer this natural variety more than the hybrid varieties.  If you would have observed the flowers at our flower vendor even the insects only prefer this rose and avoid the hybrid roses because they buzz above them only !  What ever we do we cannot beat nature - so if you cannot beat it better join it  is the proverb, 

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