Saraswathi Pooja rangoli designs

Saraswati Puja rangoli | Dussehra rangoli 

This is a traditional rangoli design drawn for Saraswathi Puja in Maharastra .  If you are following the blog , it would be obvious that I learnt from my sisters who live in Mumbai and Nagpur.

The design though it appears simple is a little tricky - where we are likely to make mistakes - in choosing the length of the lines -

the seven lines that are drawn should be of such lengths i.e the ratio of the length of the top and bottom lines should be such that all the curved lines can be drawn comfortably without interfering with one another at the top of the rangoli .  

Otherwise the patterns are repetitive in nature and we should be able to draw it easily.


All the curved lines on the left go above the top line in a symmetrical ( as humanly as possible ) manner

The next three images show how the curved lines are drawn so that they do not intersect or meet each other. After drawing the curved lines on the left , the lines on the right are drawn starting from the top so that they finish between the lines on the left ( at the top ). Drawing the lines on the left and right should be in a single stroke as far as possible to get a beautiful effect.
 It is easy and can be done with a little practice.  Only if we are too conscious of the fact that we should get it perfectly we may not get the desired effect .  If we draw casually our wrists are not stiff and as a result the lines will also be perfect.



The result is a small and beautiful rangoli for the festival or Puja room.  In fact we can draw in regularly in the Pooja room.  Some rangoli designs are meant for Pooja room only since they are considered auspicious and this tradition has been followed for a long time.

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