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Navratri golu vidhanam is traditionally followed with this procedure - Ganesha and Swayambu Gods are kept on the first padi ,

 Avatars and other Gods are kept on the second padi . 

 Dolls of Gurus are kept on the third padi , the kalash or kalasam is also placed on the third padi . Dasavatharam

 can be placed on the second or third step.  

 The fourth padi can also be used of various dolls of Gods the fifth step is used for marpachi bommai and the dolls of the humans . 

 The merchant and his wife usually Thanjavur Thalai atti bommai as they are called , because the head rests freely

 on the neck and moves gently in the breeze.  

I have placed a kalayanam set on the fifith step.

Below the fifth step or on the side of the golu we can have the park.  I have shown an "aerial view " of the park. 

 We can have traditional rangoli also what I have shared through the pics is a floating rangoli ( this rangoli is made 

with solvent based glass colours sprinkled on the water , 

it forms a thin film on which we can draw the rangoli ) and an innovative and small rangoli with cotton buds and CD.  

We should also have some place for placing a small plank ( draw a small kolam ) and place two diyas on it. 

 If we use a kutthu vilakku , place it on a plate .  

Aarti is performed to the golu everyday in the morning and evening and some naivedyam is offered in the morning and sundal in the evening.  

Naivedyam can be fruits or any sweet or payasam.

Some how the dolls that were available a few decades back were very beautiful and we miss those because only a few are left with us ( in our house ).  

The expression and the colour of the dolls of yester years was really excellent.
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The image below shows the decoration before kolu on Saraswati Puja | Ayudha Puja day.  The rangoli in the plate is a floating rangoli.  The rangoli on the right has been made with CDs.  Below we can see the thamboolam and gift items placed to be offered to ladies who visit the house in the evening.


However the tradition is to be followed and this is the tradition I follow , the customs followed in my mother's house are slightly different.  There will be slight variation in the method and customs.  However the concept is the same.  We get a chance to teach our history and culture to our children through the dolls.  We get a chance to invite our neighbours, friends and relatives .  Ladies are also asked to sing before the golu and this gives us a chance to show off our singing talents.  Girls are dressed in traditional paavadai and visit neighbours to invite for golu.  Overall for nine days it is time for joy, celebrations.  

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