Mangala aarathi Kannada on Friday

This is the aarti sung in my maternal side , by my mother for festivals like Varalakshmi Vratham , Navratri and on all Fridays after the Pooja.  I have shared an aarti sung in Telugu by my mother-in-law in a different post.    After all Mahakavi Bharathiyar said _ "Go in all eight directions and bring the best in art and culture back home "

So we sing these two songs in Kannada and Telugu in our homes.  They are really very simple and beautiful.  When we  sing with bhakthi and bhava we can realise the greatness of these songs.

This harathi has been sung in our family for more than  five decades  (to my knowledge )

The video is  👉how to make aarti plate from my YouTube  Channel "Sudha Balaji  " and shows how to make a different type of aarthi plate.  This aarthi plate my mother learnt from my grand mother !
Mangala aarthi thandhu belegire  ( Offer auspicious aarti , illuminate Her Face )
ambujasana ranige                        ( She who is seated on a Lotus throne )
Ambege Jagadambege                  ( To our Mother, Mother of the Universe )
Mookambige                                 ( To Goddess Mookambika )
Sashi  bimbege                              (She is a reflection of the Moon )

Suddha Snanava maadi nadhiyali   ( Take a holy dip in the river )
Vajrapeetadhi nelesire                     (Seat Her on a diamond seat )
Tidhi tilakava teedidhantha             (Apply tilak  on Her Forehead, precisely, perfectly )
Muddu Mangala Gowrike               ( Our Beloved Mangala Gowri )

Iradhu peetambarava nodisi            ( Offer Her Yellow silk dresses )
Sarvabharanava raschisidha            ( She wears all types of jewels in an organised way )
Harilimoole vajra mookuthi             ( Her diamond nose stud dazzles )
Varamahalakshmi Devige                 ( To Varalakshmi Devi )

What a simple and beautiful way of offering aarti to Goddess Lakshmi.  It was so beautiful  when our entire family led by our mother sang this song during Varalakshmi Vratha Pooja.

The dazzle of the nose stud reference , reminds of Goddess Kanyakumari , the temple situated in the southern most part of India.  
There are many stanzas to this harathi.  The first one ( pallavi ) is repeated after every stanza .
I have added two stanzas that can be recited on Fridays , Mangala Gowri Pooja and Varamahalakshmi Pooja.

Tulsi aarti in Kannada | Tulsi aarti song  ( ತುಳಸಿ ಆರತಿ )
   This video 👉 Sri Tulsi Jaya Tulsi song from my YouTube Channel  a popular Kannada aarti from my maternal side
The lyrics are

Sri Thulasi Jaya Thulasi Jaya Jaya Tulasi
Sri Rama Vara Tulsi Sri Krishna Tulsi

Gange Godavariyu Tungabadrayu Yamune  ( Holy rivers )
mangala tharangini Sri Krishna Veni           ( auspicious waves - you are their )
Sri Saila Himavantha sarva sukshetragalu  ( Holy places like SriSaila and Mt. Himalayas )
Sri Saila Himavantha sarva sukshetragalu
vasavagiiralu nin neralinalli    ( reside in your shade )

neeniruva maneyalli rogagala bhayavilla (In homes where you are present there is no fear of disease )
neeniruva maneyalli papa bhayavilla ( In homes where you are present there is no fear of sin )
neeniruva maneyalli chora bhayavilla  ( In homes where you are present there is no fear of theft )
neeniruva maneyalli yamana bhayavilla ( In homes where you are present there is no fear of Dharmaraj )

Jaya mangalam Tulsi sarvamangalam Devi (Victory to Tulsi who gives all auspicious things )
Jaya mangalam Tulsi lokapavana moorthae  ( Victory to Tulsi who protects the world )
Jaya mangalam Tulsi sarvamangalam Devi
Jaya mangala Tulsi dhenupura Rani   (Victory to Tulsi Queen of the kingdom of cows  or Gokula )
The video also has the lyrics in the form of subtitles, for the tune of course (!) watch the video 

Varava kode thayi varava kode for Sukravar Puje | Sravan Sukruvar 
This is another song sung by my mother for Friday Puja .  It can also be sung for Varalakshmi Vratam, Mangala Gauri Pooja and Sampath Sukravar.  These songs are handed over from generation to generation and the lyrics may change from family to family.  I share the lyrics as sung by my mother.  We discovered her notebook in my elder sister's house and this song was there written by her.   The video  👉Sravan Sukravara songs  from my YouTube Channel and the lyrics with meaning below     

Varava kode thayi varava kode ( Give boons , Mother )
Siri Sampathu Bhagya Sthiravagi iruvantha (For fortune, prosperity, wealth to  remain forever )
Varava kode thayi varava kode ( Give boons , Mother )
holavantha arisina holauva karimani hola hola kattuvantha varava kode ( Let me apply turmeric and let mangalsutra shine - bless me )
Varava kode thayi varava kode ( Give boons , Mother )
kannole , chinnole , thayuthu , muthu kuralali ( let trinkets on mangasutra adorn my neck )
Yaavagi iruvantha varavakode ( Bless me to wear them forever )
Varava kode thayi varava kode ( Give boons , Mother )
jodu thotilakatti ( have a pair of cradles 
jogula haduvantha varavakode ( let me sing lullabies , bless me )
Bagile thorana, munji , madhuve , namakarana ( thoran on the door , functions in  the house )
yaavagu nadasuvantha varavakode ( Let them happen always, bless me )
athige, nadhani 
Arti indhalibandhu hechagi iruvantha varavakode ( come with love, affection , bless me for a great life )
Varava kode thayi varava kode ( Give boons , Mother )

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