Seven cup cake seven cups sweet recipe

The ingredients are besan flour , milk, ghee and grated coconut - each one measure , sugar two measures.  These add up to only six cups so nuts preferably cashew nuts are added to get the seventh cup

This is a traditional recipe of my mother in law ,, no twist just a straight forward , simple and easy sweet that can be part of our Deepavali bakshanam or Navratri neivedyam.

In our family we have the custom of preparing a sweet daily for Navarathri 

Add besan flour one measure and then two measures of sugar. This is an easy sweet recipe , we can also make traditional jangiri for Diwali 


Add grated coconut  and ghee - each one measure

Stir with a wooden or steel ladle so that all the ingredients blend well


Add cashew nuts or powdered cashew nuts , it is optional however to justify the name we need it !


Stir continuously for about twenty minutes with stove in medium position


Apply ghee on a plate ,  this ensures that the semi solid sweet does not stick to the plate

After stirring for a few more minutes it is noticed from the picture below that the cake as the sweet is also called colloquially no longer sticks to the vessel.


Now transfer the contents to the plate ,  tap the plate gently so that the semi solid sweet spreads evenly throughout the plate

Allow it cool and when cool using a butter knife cut diagonally in two directions to get rhombus shapes ,  remove the sweet pieces and store in an air tight container .



This sweet can be prepared for festivals like Varalakshmi Nombu ,  Gokulashtami and Navarathri apart from the Deepavali sweet recipe that we usually make it for.

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