Godhumai maavu kozhukattai kolukattai

Naivedyam for Vinayaka Chaturthi | Pillaiyar Chaturthi
Traditional kozhukattai is sometimes difficult to make because the batter made from rice flour may tear or give away .  So this kozhukattai is an easier method to prepare the offering for Lord Ganesha.  Of course like many naivedyam we can make it for snacks  for children and adults

First we have to prepare the puran, Again we can have different types of puran or filling.  The traditional pooran is made from coconut, jaggery.

For one measure grated coconut, three fourth measure jaggery is taken ( it is better to grate jaggery also so that it dissolves quickly )

In a shallow vessel add a little  ghee and then add the coconut

Then add jaggery and mix them well with a ladle.  Due the heat the jaggery melts and binds to the coconut.  We should stir till the jaggery coconut mixture does not stick to the vessel.



The pooranam is ready, add a little  more ghee and cardamom powder, mix well , switch of the stove.
Prepare dough with wheat flour as we do for poori or chapathi.  Roll with a rolling pin, fill the pooranam and close the edges of the dough to form dumplings.  



Fry them in oil, remove and place on a tissue paper to remove  excess oil.  Kozhukattai is ready to be offered to Lord Ganesha for the festival - Vinayaka Chavithi.


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