Navaratri golu decoration ideas

Rangoli on water | Floating rangoli | Navratri rangoli Diwali special

At the base of the steps, we follow different types of decoration , parks as an extension of the golu or innovative rangoli designs or traditional kolam.

While rangoli on water is itself an innovative method of decoration in which we use rice flour ( rice flour is sprayed on the water and since it it is less dense than water it floats on it , on this surface we draw rangoli with colours ) ,  I have tried a different and creative idea for making the rangoli which I sure is very simple and easy.

Solvent based glass colours are available in arts and crafts shops. After adding water to a plate

solvent based glass colours are sprinkled on water , we can use a single colour or more than one colour.

The glass colours form a thin film on the water and we can see colourful spots here and there forming a pattern.  On this we can draw our regular rangoli using white rangoli powder


It is such a beautiful idea and gives an excellent ambience to the golu when placed at the base of the centre.  We can have this one side, then a traditional kolam at the centrre and a kundan rangoli at the right.  
Since there is lot of space at the base , we can have two or three different types of rangoli for decoration.

Place diyas on four sides of the plate and it doubles up as a Diwali decoration.  Do not place the diyas on the rangoli , the film cannot withstand it and will get damaged.

Traditional padi kolam | Decorate with kaavi 

This is the most common and traditional method of decorating the golu , at the base of the steps or at the entrance we can have a traditional padi kolam.





The images above show the steps for the kolam.  Usually we use 2,4, or 6 lines for the patterns.  2 and 4 are used commonly because 6 may make it a little big.  After forming the square pattern with 4 lines .  Mark the parallel lines on the four corners as shown in the second image.  Connect them curved lines .  The gaps are filled with lines and patterns to complete the kolam.  Spirals and bullets serve as extensions and add up as decorations.