Aishwarya kolam - for Friday, Puja

I have a video for this kolam on my  YouTube Channel,.  This video has been the official video of YouTube for quite some time.

Aishwarya patra rangoli ( an important Devara mane rangolior aishwarya kolam another popular rangoli with dots. I learnt some designs from my mother-in-law.  This is one of them.

 It is considered to be auspicious and drawn on Fridays , during festivals like  Navarathri,  Varalakshmi Vratha and  Lakshmi Pooja. This is an important Veli kizhamai kolam as it is called in Tamil. 

Aishwarya kolam, Hase, Kubera kolam and Hridaya kamalam can be called as Mahalakshmi kolam as they are drawn on Fridays in the Puja room.  Friday is considered important for Mahalakshmi in our tradition.

This kolam can also be drawn in the mandap where we place Goddess Lakshmi for Varalakshmi Vratham Pooja ( Varamahalakshmi Habba ) or for on the plank ( manai ) where we place Lord Ganesh during Vinayaka Chavithi celebrations.

Two more important Pooja kolangal are Hridaya kamalam and Kubera kolam with dots .  You may want to see the steps for these rangolis too. 

Aishwarya kolam - a dots kolam for Friday for Puja room or Pooja ghar

 It is usually drawn as seen  plain with a kaavi border.  It is  a rangoli with dots, with  7 dots at the centre, with 8 dots on either side of this.  Then there are one row of seven dots and one row of six dots on either side and finally three dots.  Using this dots template the rangoli design can be drawn in many methods.    It is easy but there may be easier methods. It is also called Aishwarya patra rangoli.  Now, when and how these rangolis became  auspicious, I do not know. I do not have any information too.

1. Where is Aishwarya kolam drawn
It is drawn usually on Fridays in the Puja room and for festivals like Varlakshmi Vratham and Lakshmi Puja.

2. Can we draw it at the entrance of our homes
To the best of my knowledge it is an auspicious rangoli meant for special festivals and Pujas , Puja rooms , Tulsi Brindavanam and not meant for drawing at the entrance of our homes.  Aishwarya Patra rangoli and Hridaya kamal or two important Tulasi kota muggulu or Tulasi katte rangoli.  We can use them  for Tulasi kota decoration ideas

The photos below show the steps for drawing Aishwarya kolam through a simple method.  (There may be simpler methods also ).  I have received feed back from my viewers and subscribers on my YouTube Channel Rangolisansdots that they find this method very easy to draw this auspicious kolam

6 simple steps for drawing the Aishwarya kolam
1) Draw the two parallel lines
2) Form the triangles
3) Draw lines parallel to the triangles
4) Draw the remaining lines

Aishwarya or iswarya kolam steps and method through images




Aishwarya kolam and kubera kolam are considered to be kolam of prosperity and so drawn in Puja room and not at the entrance.

An important muggu among Friday muggulu

While Ishwarya kolam as it is also called should be drawn in the Puja room only or for the Puja mandapam on which we perform Puja for Varlakshmi Vratham or Vinayakar Chathurthi we can drawn padi kolam or other kolam at the entrance preferably with a kaavi border for Fridays.

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